Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekend Recap:

Saturday’s ride: Lebanon to Sweet Home. Clouds and sunshine, but no rain. I managed to get 50 miles in counting the ride to and from the start/end. Photos by Ron.
Regroup. Hammerheads first, Dawdlers last. I'm a dawdler.

Chit chat. Lots of chit chat!

Some of the fast riders. Won't see them again until lunch. 
Sunday’s Ride: Jefferson to Stayton for lunch with Ace and Jo. Bill also joined us. The weather was even better than Saturday. A little warmer too. No pics: too busy enjoying the ride. About 35 miles.

Today: I’m glad I’m sitting in the house contemplating the days ahead when I will have to ride even when it looks like this outside.
Do-do-do- Lookin' out my back door
Back to a little afternoon hibernation :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More Doodling

More doodling...

Pen and ink, watercolor pencil

... not enough training for the tour.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Summer Plans: Trans-America Oblique Tour 2015

A coast to coast tour by bicycle ...
... or why I should be riding more.

Last fall Ron and I were invited to join a group of cyclists on a cross country tour. We've spent the winter plotting and planning, trying to see if this was something we could do, and if we wanted to give it a try.

Our friend and avid trans-am cycle-tourist, Roger has planned out a tour that travels diagonally across the U.S. starting in St. Augustine, Florida and finishing in Anacortes, WA. The route is about 3883 miles and will take 3 months to complete. I'm planning to ride the whole ride. Ron has only a few weeks vacation and will join us for the last part of the ride.

I've done supported week long tours, and have considered longer tours, but a trans-am tour has never really been on my list of things to do. It just seemed too ambitious, and there is all that mid-west to cross.

Roger and May
When Roger plans a bicycle tour, it's planned out to the last detail - lodging, food, route. Roger's wife, May, will drive a support vehicle for us, so if any issues come up we have transportation beyond the bikes, and we won't have to carry our gear. We will start in Florida on April 27th and will wind our way diagonally across the states finishing in Washington state near the end of July. The group consists of riders that I personally enjoy riding with, and since I haven't yet returned to the work-a-day world it seems like the perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity.

My bike pretending to be a touring bike. 
Our gear will be transported by car for most of the trip, but space is limited, 
so only taking what could be packed on the bike. 
Just for kicks, I had to take him for a spin.
For the next few weeks I'll post a little about the gear I'm going to bring along, my camera set up - which I'm still working out, and any other details that come up. I know it's not motorcycling, but I hope you'll be able to enjoy the tour despite of that. Your welcome to follow along. I hope you enjoy the show! :)
Stolen from the intewebs and edited without permission
And for my moto-friends who have succumbed to the call of the pedals ... don't say I didn't warn you: it's a slippery slope from a casual pedal around the neighborhood to a crazy-azzed cross country tour!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just Doodling

I've been in a creative rut these past few months. I'm still in that rut, but I've also been attempting to get out of said rut. I've also spent the last couple of weeks molly-coddling a beast of a cold that would not go away.

I don't often get sick, and even less often do I get sick enough to lay around and do nothing for days (weeks!) at a time, but this one kicked my butt. I got in one ride, 37 miles into the wind, but I was really, really s-l-o-w. I made another attempt at a ride, but bailed after 20. I never bail on a ride. I'm feeling pretty recovered by now, with only a tiny tickle in my lungs. I hope this is the last of it.

In the mean time. I did get some doodling time in, and some crafty stuff too. No pics of the crafts, but here's the doodle.

Bicycling the Capitol

Nanci, a friend of mine has been working on a project for me, a memory quilt for Rachel. I'll post more about that later, when I have some pics, but on Friday I went to pick up the quilt and on invitation from Nanci I brought my bike along so we could go for a little ride.

I've wanted to explore Salem, Oregon for some time, but it's always tricky to find the best routes in an unfamiliar town. I was pleased to have an opportunity to have a guided tour from Nanci.

We headed north towards the state capitol. The cherry trees were in full bloom, so it was a must-stop on our ride. I've never visited when the trees are in bloom, and today they were gorgeous.
Cherry Blossoms 
Oregon State Capitol
Afterwords we headed out north of town for some quiet country roads and a quick stop at the Spongs Landing on the Willamette River. It was very pleasant sitting and watching the river roll by.
Willamette River at Spongs Landing
We returned to Salem and stopped for lunch at a little bakery down town then popped over to the riverfront park and a stop at the Eco-Ball. Pretty cool, it was my first time for a close up look. For some reason I didn't think to snap a photo.

We headed up Commercial Street until we could connect up with part of the scenic bikeway through Salem. Much nicer riding through on quiet residential streets rather than busy Commercial. Although Nanci said it would be climb, we decided to ride up to visit Mahonia Hall - the Governor's Mansion. It's nice that a Governor is once again in residence there. Again it was a first visit for me, and it's a lovely place. We couldn't go past the gate of course, so we snapped some photos from the driveway all the while wondering if somewhere we were also on camera. Nanci thought they sometimes open the Hall for tours. I would love to see inside.
Mahonia Hall, Salem Oregon
We returned to Commercial St. for the ride back to Nanci's house. It was busy but there's a good bike lane and only a few tricky intersections to cross. We rode about 22 miles give or take.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

One of those wild and crazy, spur of the moment type things

One of those wild and crazy, spur of the moment type things.

Someone once gave me that moniker when I drove to Sisters one day to have a cup of coffee. This was the pre-social media days. Heck, it was the pre-digital camera days. I had to bring home a snowball as proof I had indeed, been over the pass to Sisters.

Today was another one of those days. Spur of the moment craziness that is.

Sisters was not in the plan, but at breakfast, somewhere between Cheerios and coffee, I succumbed to the siren call of a fantastic road seriously lacking in snow. Had been since I saw the pics of the summit with dry pavement a few days ago.

 Old McKenzie Highway: Blue skies, crisp air, and an opportunity to be passed by Central Oregon roadies. What better way to spend the afternoon.

Old McKenzie Hwy

Old McKenzie Hwy
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor lack of snow shall keep us from our appointed rides.
Old McKenzie Hwy

Old McKenzie Hwy
Windy Point
Old McKenzie Hwy

Old McKenzie Hwy
Ron found snow

Old McKenzie Hwy
Three Sisters - Beautiful

Old McKenzie Hwy
Proof I was here :)
Old McKenzie Hwy
Ron too! No snow Feb 2015
Old McKenzie Highway
Same sign May 2012
This is my third time bicycling HWY 242. Each time I've started in Sisters. It's the second time for Ron. My first ride up was painful and slow, and the snow stopped us just past Windy Point. It would be years before I gave it a second try.
My second trip was in 2012. This time Ron was along and we rode to the top. The snow was piled high along the roadside.

Old McKenzie Highway
Windy Point 2012
Old McKenzie Highway
Snow canyon
Old McKenzie Highway
Ron - Three Sisters background again. 2012
For those who are inclined to ride a motorized version of two wheeler, Once the gates are open it is a fantastic motorcycle ride. Curves aplenty, and elevation gain is a non-issue.

September 2010. Three Sisters in background
Old McKenzie Hwy
February 2015 - Four plus years is too long to keep Sam away from here!
Notice on the motorcycles there are fewer stops for pics. This road is too good to stop all the time.

Rumor has it a few intrepid riders have snuck motorbikes up past the gates. Try the west gate for fewer witnesses ;) Just kidding. Don't do that stuff! ;) ;)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lebanon to Scio Bicycle Ride

I was not in the mood for a cold, foggy ride today. It took about 5 miles to change my mind and just enjoy the ride. 11 of us started. 4 did the 30 mile loop and the rest of us continued on to Scio for lunch. About a 39 mile ride, for the group, and 41 miles for Ron and I since we rode from home to the start. The sun never made an appearance today. 
Fog :( 
Are we having fun yet?

Last pic of the day - too cold for picture taking!