Monday, September 15, 2014

RIP Bobskoot

2014 has not been a good year. We lost our daughter to complications to Leukemia at the beginning of July. My former co-worker Randy lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at the end of July. While not a blogger, he was a rider and a friend. He had a beautiful Valkyrie that he loved to ride.

 Now as summer draws to a close and I've learned that another dear one has passed. Bobskoot of Wetcoastscooting passed away in his sleep while on a car trip across the USA. He was doing what he loves, traveling with his wife and visiting with friends. Bob will be sorely missed by many. He reached out and touched so many of us. He had friends around the world. Whether he was passing through an area, or someone else was journeying into his, he would do his best to get together for a visit, or a ride, and to share a nice meal. I think he was one of the glues the bound many of us blogger/riders together.

Ron and I met Bob for the first time in 2010 in Bend Oregon at the first moto-blogger convention as we like to call it. In 2011 he invited us to ride along to Montana to Glacier National Park where we also met Dom of Redleg's Ride, and his family. I often wondered if Bob invited us along and then dropped the bomb that more guests were coming on Dom and family after the fact. No matter. We felt welcomed by all. Bob loved these get togethers, and I think his efforts enriches us all.

Spiral Highway


Lake Koocanusa



Oregon 2010. LtoR: Sonja, Troubador, Trobairitz, Bobskoot, Bluekat

RIP Bobskoot. I will miss you my friend.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sad news

Our Daughter, Rachel, passed away on the morning of July 7, 2014. We had been gearing up to do more chemo when she was admitted to the hospital with trouble breathing. Probable causes were respiratory failure, pneumonia, and cardiac failure. Rachel wanted to fight this thing to the end, even if that meant being in the hospital rather than home. And fight to the end she did.

Thank you to all my blogger friends here, who sent love, warm wishes, prayers, and caring thoughts. It means a lot to us, and your support through this time was always an encouragement. Reading your posts let me connect in a small way with a world that was outside our little circle of clinic-Doctors-hospital. I didn't often comment, but I did share some posts with Rachel, which she enjoyed.

My best to you all.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lake Washington Ride

Finally had a chance to introduce Ron to riding in Seattle. I really didn't intend to take him over so many hills. It was just going to be a little ride along Lake Washington. There is a little climbing to get there, but nothing terrible.

First we chose to ride up through Interlaken Park. It's an easy climb and worth it - like being in a forest far from the city. After the park we made our way down to Lake Washington Boulevard and a gorgeous ride along the lake shore. Pretty flat route too. I think it's part of the STP route.

Lake Washington Boulevard

Lake Washington

Kari futzing on the iphone map

We rode out to Seward Park our turn around point then returned along the same road. Stopped for lunch at a little deli ran by a very nice older gentleman.

Seward Park

Seward Park

Pert's Deli

Since it was getting late we decided on a more direct route home ... up and over the Central District/Capitol Hill area. Four or five big climbs ( and several little ones) we made it back to the apartment.

Last climb on Union Street
 23.24 miles
1260.33 total ascent
400.16 ft max ele.

Friday, May 2, 2014

First ride of the Year

It was short. I went nowhere important. But it was good! :)

Hope I get more than one ride in this year!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Home again

We be home (to our home in the city)! Rainbow pic is from yesterday from Rachel's room in the hospital. Virus/infections appear to be under control and retreating - YAY! Latest (experimental) chemo is doing good things thus far: counts are up and blasts are down. Let's hope this is a continuing trend.

Earlier this week I took the shuttle from the hospital to the clinic. Walked a few blocks to the apartment. Rode my bicycle back to the hospital with some stuff from the apartment. My multi-modal errand commute. So urban. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Montlake Neighborhood

Another sunny day, another walk about the neighborhood. I tried to come up with a theme: little hidden pathways, or pretty porches with flowers, but I couldn't settle on anything so just snapped a pic here and there just to get a feel for the area.

The neighborhood of Montlake has some beautiful old houses. Some are quite grand with intricate details, others are more modest, but quaint. Most of the yards are beautiful and the ones that are not, are generally overgrown, hidden jungles that are almost as pretty as the landscaped ones, and certainly interesting in their own special way.
One of the few houses that was not hidden deep in the greenery and flowers.

Pretty hillside yards. There are houses there somewhere.

Funky bicycle art floating amongst the trees

Post your favorite poetry

Sometimes it's liking walking through a floral tunnel

Cute little swing along the sidewalk

I still had some time, so I decided to check out the path along Lake Washington that crosses Marsh and Foster Islands.
Walkway connecting Marsh Island

Calm water under the 520. No kayaks today.

I figured it would be a quagmire this time of year, but found the trail to have a fresh layer of bark dust that for the most part kept the trail dry. Nice! I hadn't been down this way since last summer.

Wetland just off the trail.

Looking back toward the hospital and Husky stadium

Montlake cut

Back to the Medical center for hospital coffee and Haagen-daz. Couldn't wait to get the photo before taking a bite!

A few more pics just because I'd rather end with pretty flowers than half eaten ice cream.

According to blogger this is my 300th post. How about that!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Stroll at UWMC

Yep, by the title you can guess we are back at University of Washington Medical Center. Rachel has BK virus, a complication for transplant patients. It will resolve itself with time, but causes painful muscle spasms that need stronger pain meds than we can provide at home. It seems to me that it's completely unfair to have complications due to a transplant that didn't work in the first place. Yet another speed bump on the way to 2nd transplant.

Friday was lovely in Seattle and I had to stroll along Montlake cut on my way to the caferteria. This is the backyard, so to speak, of UWMC. Our room usually overlooks this space, but this admission has us located on the opposite side of the unit with a boring courtyard for a view.
Behind UWMC along Montlake Cut
Last summer I took some photos of this interesting tree.

Sometime later I found this tree laying on it's side, a victim of a passing storm. Today I see that they've added a new replacement. It will be some time before this little baby is as grand as its predecessor.
Pretty spring flowers blooming all over. (Some might say weeds.)
Lunch time for the local wild life.
A few more pretty scenes along the water.

Even a little moto content...Sweet Ninja 500. Older but in great shape. I sure miss my Sam!