Sunday, November 17, 2013

Burke Gilman Path

Finally had a chance to ride Burke Gilman trail this weekend. It's been on my bucket list of trails for many, many years. It's a pretty ride with views of Lake Washington ( at least the portion I rode).
Okay, not the best view, but it was where I stopped for a moment
Shared the trail with other riders, walkers, runners, and even a few inline skaters. It's fun to ride, but have to say it wouldn't replace a nice long road ride in the country.

Turbo thighed caped crusader?
Funny sign: Is this trail ravaged by turbo-thighed caped crusaders running down the locals? I didn't see any. The kitted up racers I saw were going at a reasonable clip and were either quiet or curteous, but never rude and I didn't see anyone get buzzed. Same with other users. Everyone seems to have worked out a pretty good flow of traffic on the trail.

Also kudos to the courteous drivers. At every road crossing cars spotted me approaching and slowed to let me cross (even when I had a stop sign, even when I'd rather they just go first). I'm so used to cars ignoring cyclist/pedestrians it was unsettling to ride in front of them.

I guess the bad bicyclists and drivers stayed home that day.

I rode the Trek and came to the conclusion hybrids are hard to ride. Good for a trip to the library and such, but for longer rides they're a lot more work! I'll be ... well Ron will be bringing my roadie up next weekend. Yep, I miss my skinny tires and drop bars.
14.8 miles per google maps.


Richard M said...

It looks like a beautiful trail. I suspect the sign isn't aimed at the speed demons but the others who always like to putter along next to each other…

What classifies it as a hybrid? Upright seating position, steep head tube angle?

bob skoot said...


must be nice to get out and enjoy a nice day before they run out. I have a hybrid but it's heavy. I also have a skinny tire 100 psi racing bike, but the human engine is broken

good to see another post, so soon . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Martha Tenney said...

Love the photos.

I had a Terry hybrid and absolutely hated it. Then I sold it to someone who loved Terry bikes.

Bike paths here are generally easy going, but whatever happened to "On your left"?! I've been surprised more than once while walking dogs. Seems a very smart thing for them to do with a dog on a leash even to the side!

Madison seems to have fairly careful drivers. Always a chance to make mistakes or near-mistakes when so much activity is happening in tight areas in town. Those cyclists that run lights and signs...and have no lights at night...

Trobairitz said...

Glad you could get out for a ride. I bet it helps get out some of the frustration of life right now.

Charlie6 said...

Lake Washington eh? Did you swing by Bill Gate's mansion to say hi?

bluekat said...

Yes, an upright seating position, flat bars, wider, cushier tires. No shock fork in this case though some hybrids have those as well. A "jack of all trades" kind of bike. Nice for riding along and looking around, not so nice when a head wind picks up. Harder work than my roadie. See, I really just want my road bike cuz I'm lazy! :)

bluekat said...

Yes, I hear you on the engine. Mine is definitely sputtering along this year. :)

bluekat said...

Hi Martha,
Where I live we always called out on your left, either when passing people along paths or when passing one another on groups rides. I've noticed here in Seattle they rarely call out when passing. Maybe there are just so many people on the trail/lane that they get tired of doing it - I don't know. But it is different than what I'm used to as well.

bluekat said...

Can't say that I have the stamina to hammer out my frustrations these days but its very relaxing to get out and just roll along and check out the scenery.

Seeing motorcyclist/scooterists up here makes me miss my Ninja, but somehow I don't think it would be very relaxing to ride in the city.(and they might frown on me taking it on the bike trail ;)

bluekat said...

Ha ha! He lives across the lake...that's like a 50 mile ride on bicycle. Think I'll save that ride for the Ninja. ;)