Friday, November 22, 2013

Found parking

Spotted this little gem tucked between two buildings off the back alley that is my window view. Finding a place to park can be challenging. This seems to be a cozy little spot.
Wonder if it needs to go for a little spin around the neighborhood? ;)


Richard M said...

Or maybe it needs a green Ninja for company….

Trobairitz said...

That looks like nice off street parking. Was it an alleyway or just an alcove?

I agree with Richard it might need Sam for company. Although....I don't think I'd want to ride in Seattle.

Martha said...

You could be onto a new business venture, just like pet sitters for those who are stuck at work, you could offer to exercise the neglected bikes you find. Get paid to ride? Win win for sure! Thinking of you and your family, sending you all are best wishes for good health this Thanksgiving!

bluekat said...

I think you're right ... looks a little lonely down there :)

bluekat said...

I'm kind of curious myself. I haven't walked down there to see if it's an alley or dead end. I think I'd be okay with riding...parking on the steep, slanty hillsides would be scary.

bluekat said...

Brilliant! They always say bikes shouldn't be ridden for short distances...need longer trips to warm up the engine and all that. Happy to oblige. :D

Thanks for the well wishes. We are planning a little thanksgiving meal here in Seattle, and it sounds like we are on our way to a 2nd transplant in December. I was planning to post more when we have the details, but things are moving along nicely. Happy thanks giving!