Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Stroll at UWMC

Yep, by the title you can guess we are back at University of Washington Medical Center. Rachel has BK virus, a complication for transplant patients. It will resolve itself with time, but causes painful muscle spasms that need stronger pain meds than we can provide at home. It seems to me that it's completely unfair to have complications due to a transplant that didn't work in the first place. Yet another speed bump on the way to 2nd transplant.

Friday was lovely in Seattle and I had to stroll along Montlake cut on my way to the caferteria. This is the backyard, so to speak, of UWMC. Our room usually overlooks this space, but this admission has us located on the opposite side of the unit with a boring courtyard for a view.
Behind UWMC along Montlake Cut
Last summer I took some photos of this interesting tree.

Sometime later I found this tree laying on it's side, a victim of a passing storm. Today I see that they've added a new replacement. It will be some time before this little baby is as grand as its predecessor.
Pretty spring flowers blooming all over. (Some might say weeds.)
Lunch time for the local wild life.
A few more pretty scenes along the water.

Even a little moto content...Sweet Ninja 500. Older but in great shape. I sure miss my Sam!


Martha Tenney said...

How beautiful everything is there.

The things your daughter is experiencing... I just want to offer love and hope.

Richard M said...

The flowering tree is looking pretty nice. Too bad about the huge old tree falling victim to a wind storm. It's going to take the replacement quite a while to fill the gap. Hoping and praying that things improve quickly for Rachel and things return to normal again for your family.

Charlie6 said...

Nice looking Ninja....I liked the photo of the dogwoods best. Hope this BK Virus goes away soon.....

bob skoot said...


All I can say is that I've got my fingers crossed that all will work out. Good vibes and thought always.

looks like Spring has finally arrived. The buds are budding and the sun is shining. A good omen . . .

I am missing you with Sam too, perhaps next year (& Ron). I still remember him making the bacon and Pancakes. makes me smile


Trobairitz said...

It is unfortunate that you are back in Seattle but at least your daughter is getting the meds she needs. Let us know if Ron needs any help at home while you are gone, we aren't too far away and Brad is in Lebanon M-T for work.

At least you managed to get out for a beautiful spring walk.

bluekat said...

Thanks Martha

bluekat said...

Thanks Richard,
So many trees are blooming right now. It's very pretty.

bluekat said...

Hi Dom,
The Ninja was pristine, and a 500 is just about right for me. Sure wanted to hop on and go for a little ride! :)

bluekat said...

Thanks Bob,
Yes, lot's of Spring sign bursting all over. Maybe even a few day trips around home later this summer/fall if things work out. That would be nice. :)

bluekat said...

Thanks Brandy, appreciate it. One nice thing about Seattle is there is a lot to explore on a nice spring day, at least in the areas where we are staying.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

There are many very mature trees in our neighborhood and along my commuting route. After every storm I wonder if any will have damage. We lost two big trees in the neighborhood. Large branches feel on cars last winter and it was time for them to come down before they fell down. I'm always sad to see a tree go down.

Tough times. Wished there was some way around this, but with some things the only way through is to go through. Think of you and your family very very often. May all be well ... and sooner rather than later.