Friday, March 13, 2009

It's warm. It's sunny. I decide to ride over and meet Ron after work and maybe go for a little ride around the area. I park at the front gate and wait until he comes out. We stop for hamburgers then head out toward Jefferson. We decide a little covered Bridge tour is in order, so first stop is Gilkey Bridge. I try to pull over before the bridge, but the road is sloped so that I can't get the side stand down. Ok, we park on the other side of the bridge.

Looks like a mini-motorcycle riding a motorcycle. Really bad angle for a pic!

In 2007 this bridge was damaged by a cherry picker that had left his bucket loose. The bridge was closed for some time which was an inconvenience for local residents.
Close up of damaged bridge.
Damage to beams.Gilkey Bridge today
'81 GS850
After Gilkey we head to Crabtree and on to Hungry Hill Covered Bridge. No pic, sorry. Then over to Larwood. I try to get some photos, but the sun was in the wrong spot and really, we want to ride, not look for a better photo opp. On we go to Lacomb then over to Waterloo. The river is low - looks like summer. As always it's lovely at the park.

It was warm enough to have the faceshield open. One good thing about these frozen bugs to get hit with while riding. Tomorrow the rain returns.

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