Monday, March 15, 2010

Commuting once again

Yay! I was back on the bike today, and it felt so good! Too good. I wasn't late for work, but with no extra time I should have taken the freeway. I took the back roads anyway. They called and I fell under their spell. I took the backroads home too. No freeway today, none at all. I craved curves and I got them - nice, clean, dry, curves, at their best. No pics from the commute today either. I took the camera, but couldn't be bothered to stop and take a photo.

I just can't post without adding a photo, so here's one from our walk on Sunday. My family used to buy farm supplies from Scroggins.
Take Care!


  1. Glad you took the back roads too Kari. Yesterday I was in the car and should have stopped to take pictures of the purple fields we passed. There was no place to stop and we were hungry! I hate it when that happens! I'll have to make a special trip to get the pictures before the blooms are gone!
    Where I was going with this is don't you just hate that when you have the camera but just don't want to stop to take a picture!

  2. Kari/Eve:

    It just kills me inside when I have to leave that picture behind. Sometimes the light is just perfect, but when you come back the next time, it isn't

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. Try to come out of your shell and express a little enthusiasm, will you?

    I'll share my "no photo" excuse with you. Honest, I would have taken a picture but it was too dangerous to park the bike there!

    That's my story at least.

  4. The photo I didn't get early Sunday morning was fog over a pond with the sun looking like a big orange ball that was filtered so much by the fog you could look at it for a few seconds without it being dangerous. I was riding and was late but as I glanced at this scene to the right suddenly two geese flew in front of the sun and their silhouettes were amazing. It was perfect, kind of like ET in front of the moon. I would've had to be standing there ready for the moment to capture it. I hate it when that happens! :)

  5. Hi Eve,
    I'm glad I took the backroads too. I did again today. lol - Ah yes, the hated photo-ride-drive delimma. I absolutely can't leave the camera at home, but then I don't/can't/won't stop to get the pic. Maybe your missed pic will be an opportunity to get out for a ride.

    Hi Bobskoot
    Good lighting or something exceptional makes it doubly bad when it's a missed pic. We photographer's sure seem to create a lot of stress for ourselves :)

  6. Hi Irondad,
    lol - I don't think most of us who know you are going to believe that one! I'll add it to my list of excuses...can't have too many you know. Besides if I use it, it might be believable. :)

    Hi Mike,
    That would have been a great shot! I hate that! These past few comments have been painful to read, all the missed opportunities. I'm glad you at least got to see it. Maybe it was one of those special moments meant just for you. :)