Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I knew she was getting close, but I had to go out and check. Nope, not yet. Only 993 miles on the Ninja. Oh well, I'll get the other 7 miles tomorrow. It's cold out, and windy. So I go inside and play on the computer. I watch the news. (It's only 7 miles.) Father and Son have a Father-Son bonding project going on in the driveway. A stereo swap to the boy's new pick up. I can't get the bike out anyway. (But Ron can.)

You know, some things are just to important to wait. One quick loop around Peterson's Butte will do it.
And here it is...1,000 miles. Funny when the car got it's first 1,000 it was depressing.

And to commemorate the occasion. I actually parked her in the street all by myself. Not a bad parking job for hobbling on one foot while pushing the bike backwards, but there she is all alone on the mean streets. It's like leaving your kid alone at the mall for the first time.


  1. Kari:

    congrats on the iron butt 1,000. you seem to be getting more confident now. Your bike is too clean

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

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  3. Thanks :)
    Hangs head in shame...I'm trying to get her nice and muddy! Too much darn sunshine making things difficult!

  4. Arrrggggghhhhh!!! I'm not even to 500 yet!! Dang! I don't think??? I haven't even been keeping up with my miles thingy!! Those darn bugs are driving me crazy....tomorrow Kari....I'll be putting on some miles tomorrow!

  5. Kari:

    The photo of your helmet perched on the dirty ground sitting on those little pebbles and road grease is bothering me. I see everyone doing it, but why ? . . .

    What I do is keep the helmet OFF the ground by lowering the right rear passenger peg and holding the helmet there, like a coat hook. I don't use the left one as the extension from the centre stand has dirt on it

    you can give me the much appreciated thank you HUG in July

    Wet Coast Scootin

  6. LOL - You should ask Irondad. It's what we are taught in the BRT class.

    I hate putting it on the ground, and I rarely do it. The suzuki had a sissy bar that was perfect to hold the helmet. Now I mostly use the mirror, but I didn't want it there for the photo. After tomorrow I should have a new little helmet lock to hold the helmet. Footpeg is a good idea, I'll have to try that one. :)

  7. Hi Eve
    Catch me if you can :)
    It's not really fair...even if I just ride to work and back I gain 280 miles each week. Sometimes by the weekend I don't even feel like riding.

  8. Congratulations, Kari! Way to go - you'll reach your goal for the year in no time!

  9. Kari,
    I owe you another apology! I was looking over recent comments to posts on the photo blog and see that I totally overlooked responding to some of your comments. I did the same for Eve too. My bad! I'm sorry about that! :)

  10. Hi Mike,
    Don't worry about it. I didn't even realize it. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering where I've posted or if I posted, especially if I forget the little email reminder. I've visited a blog to find several posts that I somehow missed - when did this get here!?! :)

  11. You are definitely a nut case. Must be why you fit in so well with the rest of us.

    As to the helmet, thing, we ask students to put the helmet on the ground as opposed to on the bike seat. There are two salient points since you indirectly asked.

    One, you don't want your helmet to fall off something and bang the ground. In our classes the helmet can't fall off the ground, you know.

    Two, you don't want to compress the impact absorbing liner ( styrofoam ) inside the helmet shell. It serves the important purpose of allowing the head a farther distance to slow down inside the helmet before hitting the resistance of the outer shell. The foam needs to be at full capacity and not beaten down by being jammed on mirrors and such.

    Do what you will as long as you don't put compression force on the inside of the helmet shell.

    Hey, somebody did sort of ask! :)

  12. Hi Irondad
    I thought the helmet lesson should come from the resident expert (and nut case!) :)

    I have a helmet lock for the helmet now, if I don't pack it with me. Mostly it gets packed along. Next up is putting away vanity and shopping for a topcase.

  13. Congrats to the first 1,000. I still have a big fat zero on my clock due to lack of two wheels. But I will get there... eventually. Safe riding!!! Oh, by the way: your bike it far too clean ;-)

  14. Thanks Sonja
    Well, we have to remedy that and get you back on two wheels! As for a clean bike... I'm working on it! :)