Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Ninja gets her name

I've been playing with a name for the Ninja for a couple of weeks now, and it's rather pathetic but I resorted to looking up baby names on the internet.  I think I found the one that feels right.  First off, the Ninja has very pretty eyes. Exotic eyes that call for an exotic name. Not pole dancer exotic mind you, but exotic like tropical islands and mysterious places. She can be also be something of a flirt. She's always winking as she goes down the road. Anyway, her new name is Samirah.
She goes by her nickname,  Sam. I suppose it's also fitting that all my bikes, the motorized ones anyway,  have "S" sound names. The Vulcan was Sophie, The Suzuki was Celeste, so Samirah is in keeping with the "S" name theme. Even more pathetic - having theme names. I was amused at our neighbors who had J names...Jennifer, Jason, Jayna...even the parents had J names, and their siblings, and their sibling's spouses...ridiculous. Somehow I have been assimilated into the theme-name collective, but I'm getting off topic. 

Samirah has a couple of meanings. In Arabic it means "entertaining companion". Well, that seems right. She is a companion on my rides, waiting for me after work to sooth away the workday, and she is always entertaining. In Sanskrit the meaning is "gust of wind/a cool gentle breeze on a hot summer day". I had in mind the cool breeze I get when riding on a summer day. After riding her a few weeks, I think something akin to hurricane force gales screaming just outside my helmet might be more accurate. 

The name definitions are from Wikipedia, therefor I'm assured they are accurate and true. What's more reliable than Wikipedia! 

Sunshine and 70 coming up this weekend. Get out there for a ride!


  1. A very fitting name Kari! Does she hold your name on her rear end? My Katana plate was GSXGRL. (GSX600F Suzuki Girl). Now if Alabama's Vanity license wasn't so expensive I might have something like IRNGRL on there.

  2. I like that name and the fact that you researched it is great! I like your description of the hurricane force gales screaming just outside your helmet. I just pretend it's my jet engine making that noise. I just can't seem to lift off!

    My word verification was "weryp" which is like twerp, which is like ME!

  3. What's with riders having to name their bikes? Elvira is shaking her head about that one.

    By the way, nice name. Although, Samirah sounds and looks somewhat close to samurai. Which somehow connects to Ninja. Which, in turn, somehow sounds like trouble.

    So, with a chuckle, I encourage you to be good out there!

  4. Hi Eve
    lol - no, no name on the rear (at least no yet!). IRNGRL - I like it. :)

  5. Hi Mike,
    You're not a twerp!

    Jet engine is good. Hurricanes, jet engines, what I know is ear plugs are now a must!

  6. Hi Dan,
    Elvira probably shakes her head about a lot of things! :)
    I hadn't thought about does sort of connect.

    Trouble! Who makes trouble?? Me, I'm an angel!

  7. lol - funny you should ask. Ron and I had been thinking about it, and I had pretty much settled on chickening out. There would be 2 of us, if that's ok?

    I posted over on the forum, guess I'm committed now :)