Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Future riders?

 I think perhaps a warning is in order. My son and my nephew want to ride, and have aspirations of being on the road this summer. These are scary times.
Actually, I'm jazzed. (Does that make me a bad mom?) My Sister-in-law (the other mom) is not so jazzed. Being that there is a a "new" motorcycle in her garage I think the secret is out. Both boys have received stern warnings that they will participate in rider training or face the wrath of mom. Mom times two that is.
This is my nephew and his new-to-him Honda 400. It's a project bike, but it's in pretty nice shape. It runs well enough to ride around the backyard, and that's about it. This may not be a bad thing for the time being.

My son doesn't have a bike yet, but he has something in mind. He likes cruisers...with ape hangers (Smack forehead with hand and sigh). Ah well, I'll be shopping anyway. Motorcycles are one of the few things I enjoy shopping for. For some odd reason he vetoed the Vespa I found on craigslist...


  1. Nice post, Kari! I laughed out loud when I read, "(Smack forehead with hand and sigh)." Our son rides. It's fun riding with him.

    That looks like a nice project bike your nephew has! If your son changes his mind on the Vespa let me know. I'm selling mine. We might find some ape hangers that'll fit! ;)

  2. Those boys are very lucky -- they have supportive family who also ride, and who know a thing or two about riding safely.

    Shame that you have a budding pirate-wannabe, though! Maybe you can tell him that ape-hangers are for 50 year old dentists. ;)

  3. They just gotta do what they gotta do!! My daughter got her Ninja at 24...she's doing just fine!

  4. Hi Mike,
    Glad you got a chuckle out of it. That's great that you and your son ride together. I'm part excited and part scared. They're good kids, but I remember twenty something...and I wasn't too bright myself back then. Let's see, we had a kawi triple and one helmet between the two of us. Yep brilliant!

    I'm good with whatever bike he likes. (well, no Hayabusas to start). He likes old-school. I do too, just not for my daily driver.

    lol - Vespa with ape hangers. Now there's a picture!

    Hi Stacy,
    lol - I'll have to run the dentist scenario past him...see what he says. He claims he wants ape-hangers so he can show off his tats...Next lecture: Proper Gear.

    Hi Eve,
    Yeah, I think he'll do alright. He's young and sometimes impatient, but he's pretty good at staying out of stupid-mode. He has a better head on his shoulders than I did at that age.