Saturday, October 2, 2010

Apple Daze

I don't normally post club rides, but I don't have much motorcycle news this week, so bicycles it is. This weekend was Apple Daze at  Detering Orchards near Coburg. We start in Brownsville, and the transportation for today is Kermit, the big green tandem.
There is one "small" hill between us and Deterings. After that it's mostly flat.
 The hill on Gap Road

A disease I know, but I like climbing hills. The downhills are pretty good too.
Not as exciting as a motorcycle vid, but fun to ride. I don't have editing software for my videos, so no edits, and no music just rushing wind and muffled dialog.
Soon enough I'm distracted from bicycling. I think the rider was surprised by the crazy cyclist chick taking his picture. Nice road for motorcycling. 

We're under way once again and after getting lost, discovering our connector route is gravel, and having to ride a couple extra miles we finally arrive at Detering's. Kids, pumpkins, fruits and vegetables, and free apple cobbler a la mode, but my favorite item is a Suzuki.
DR650 - Ron can take the tandem home...I"ll take this one.
Apple cobbler a la mode

I happen to go past the Suzuki again and see that it's found a friend.
Kawasaki Spectre - The helmet looks old school too. 
Not too many pics on the return trip. The wind is from the northeast...and we're going north and east. We see a group of sport bikes at a gas station once we return to Brownsville. One guy gets gas while the other two wait...did someone forget to fill up this morning? Total mileage for the day is just a tad under 47 miles.
Just before we head home, there is a Ural parked on Main Street. I wish I'd gone back to get a photo. It would be a nice final photo for the day.

Tomorrow: Heated grips. We got started on the install this evening.


  1. So, you also have this habit of taking pictures from other motorcycles? I like it!

  2. Hi Sonja,
    Well, it started with just looking at bikes, then I started waving at motorcyclist while I'm bicycling just to see who I could get to wave back. Now I've graduated to full-fledged must-photograph-the-moto status. It's a sickness, I tell ya. :)

  3. Nice video, and you're clipping along at 42mph on a bicycle? Nice!

    I've wave at bicyclist and I get the strangest looks, but there is one that commutes daily that waves everytime. He smiles and makes sure I see him wave, it makes my day.

    Those riders at the gas station looks like QCD on his new GSXR750, Newt on his GSXR750 and Cutback fueling his ZX1400.

  4. Thanks Troubadour
    That's cool about the rider on your route. Before I started riding motorcycles, every once and a while one waved at us when bicycling. It was surprising, but nice. I didn't know about "the wave" in those days.

    I wondered if someone might recognize the bikes at the gas station. It was a perfect day for riding.