Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Commute

My commute has been a little boring lately. No rain, no hail, no tornado breezing through.
Today I had an early errand and I actually snapped a picture of Sam somewhere besides in the garage. The not very glamorous life of a commuter bike.
I love Jacob Conser bridge. Oregon has some pretty nice bridges I think. This one was designed by Conde B. McCullough.
Another corner that likes to challenge me. I swear it looks sharper and steeper than this in real life. Lately the challenges have been cars crossing the line and deer lounging at the top. And rocks, but that's a different story and a different corner.
They are not kidding. Mrs Bambi was here this morning, peering back over her shoulder, looking for her buddies across the road.
I'm taking the long way home lately. It’s my co-worker, Randy’s  favorite ride. Parrish Gap Road is a nice change from my regular route with short hills and 20-40 mph curves. The curves and hills tend to happen at the same place.  You can apex and summit all at the same time. Almost sounds naughty. 
At the top of this hill is another corner. I think there is only one hill on this road that doesn't have a curve.
I have it on good authority that there is a herd of elk in the area. When the air is clear there are nice views of Mt. Jefferson to be had, when you’re not dodging the elk. No mountain views today, just thunderheads.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Alive! I've got the bad video to prove it.

Tinker, fiddle, wrench, cuss, fiddle, tinker, vroom! We fussed with the new toy this weekend. I should explain that in our household  "we" means Ron. We didn't burn down the garage when we powered it up. (I always picture explosions when we have some "project" happening in the garage that includes combustible liquids.) I'm not sure why, we haven't lost a garage yet.
 The carnage
The itty-bitty, CB 200T is a runner. Bobskoot if you need a spare ride when in Oregon, your chariot awaits! I don't think I'd try to cross any mountains on it though.

So, here it is in it's rawest, uncut format: my pitiful attempt at video (please hold your applause until the end). I don't know why all the plants are purple. Pretend they're green. Sing some Foghat while you watch. It'll set the mood.  Slow ride...take it easy...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

International Moto-Bloggers Conference 2010

It’s kind of hard to post up an event that was shared by all. I can’t embellish (or outright lie). I can’t claim to have flown over the pass at full throttle, alternating wheelies with peg dragging, so I’d best stick to the truth… It was a spectacularly fun weekend.
Bolty (Stacy), Stacey, Troubadour and Trobairitz (Brad and Brandy), Rick and Andy rode in from Corvallis and met Ron and I at Walmart. We headed out via backroads around Sweet Home then on to the Santiam pass. The pass was wonderfully lacking in cars, so we had the road mostly to ourselves until we passed the junction with highways 22 and 126.  I can rack up a lot of miles with my commute, but they’re the same miles over and over again. How refreshing to ride a new road in my favorite place (forest and mountain). Stacy led us around Sisters via backroads then back to the highway to Bend.
We stopped at Bend Inn for some riders to get their rooms and to meet with other riders already in Bend. Conchscooter (Michael) and his Wife, Layne were here from Florida, as well as Richard from Alaska. Bobskoot and Sonja showed up shortly thereafter.
Those of us who hadn’t eaten followed Stacy to a little pizza place for lunch/dinner. Afterwords we strolled around the old mill district when Bob received a text that Irondad (Dan) was in town. Dan had the only room with a sitting area, so we invaded his place for the evening.
I have to say - what a great group of people. It was so good to meet everyone in real life and  to get to know one another a little better. Meeting new people is way out of my comfort zone, but I’d say we had a camaraderie that made it feel like a get together with old friends. We chatted away the evening, then a few of us went for a late supper before turning in for the night. 

Breakfast wasn’t until 10:00 am the next morning, so Ron and I strolled to downtown Bend and Drake Park to kill some time and work up an appetite. It was a nice walk with some interesting architecture and nice scenery. Too bad I wasn’t paying attention to the camera. The ISO was set high and most of the pics are blown out and grainy.
Breakfast was at Black Bear Diner. Stacy and Stacey were heading south, and Irondad had left earlier to meet with a friend who lives in the area. Bob and Sonja joined Brad, Brandy, Ron and I for the trip back across the mountains. Outside of Bend we passed by an accident scene involving motorcycles…never a good thing. We skirted our way around Sisters which looked to be a madhouse of tourists and traffic. We stopped at a viewpoint for a break and some photos. It’s funny that all of us from the area had never bothered to stop here before. 
Returning to the Willamette Valley brought cooler weather, perfect for a ride. We stopped at Walgreens where Ron and I would take our leave of the group. We finally got that croc shot that we missed earlier. 
My apologies if I messed up any names or missed anyone. It's hard enough to remember one set of names...double trouble when most of us have two...or three even. As is often the case I return home and find myself wishing I'd taken more photos. I should have just handed the camera over to Ron, who has no reservations about getting people to pose for a photo op.

Once again many thanks to everyone who helped to bring this event together!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Catching up on my Week

I've neglected the blog of late. I've been doing something old fashioned and quaint. I've been reading a book. The kind with paper and ink. It's a refreshing change from the digital life. I had a strange problem while reading. I was sitting at the computer desk and when I went to turn the page I clicked the mouse. Seriously! I did it more than once. I definitely need to spend more time away from the computer.
With a motorcycle trip coming up it was time to do some maintenance. Ron had a first: he changed his own tire. A manual, some tools a couple internet resources, and everything worked out quite well.
Improvised balancing stand. Not sure how well it works.
While Ron was working on the tire Sam was getting a bath...her first. No pics of the bath, but afterwords...
 ...All purty now. Appropriate foot attire was used for the bike wash and was left drying in the sun...took about 2 minutes. 
Back to the tire change...A shiny, new tire.
The bike? Not so shiny or new. (Still, we love her.)
Later the boys had some bonding time, working on the Honda ... get ready for this:
A man of few words. I asked him to let me know how his BRT went. 
Geez, I know he's Mr. speedy-texter. It's not like he couldn't tap out a few more details.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Little Honda

 I should have known when I saw that Ron had taken the truck that something was afoot.
Actually, I knew another bike was coming home, agreed to it even. We've been wanting a project, and I'm just as culpable in this aquisition. It's a cute little bugger.
Somehow, somewhere we crossed a line. I was given a stern lecture (several times actually) that we only need one motorcycle for each of us. But we crossed that line. You let one in the house, feed it, give it a home and more will turn up on the doorstep...or in the case, driveway.
We actually have two of these little CB200s. The first one we got as a way to learn the mechanics of motorcycles.  When we finally dug into it we found the motor was seized.  We were going to just part it out. Then someone at work, knew someone else, who had this other one. It has a few issues, but it runs.

I think she would make a cute little cafe racer.

We really gotta quit draggin' home strays.