Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunk to a new low today...

I've gotten somewhat comfortable showing up for work in muddy wet gear. It wasn't always that way. Today I sunk to a new low. I went to a dentist appointment wearing (and packing) riding gear. Now I know why riders pack their helmet along. It explains the weird clothes. It doesn't explain why your riding when it's 40 degrees out, but I guess a little mystique is good to maintain.

My dentist thought it was cool! :)

In one corner a pile of gear overflows a small chair. I'm lounging in the dentist's chair, in armored pants and muddy boots getting x-rayed, and probed (sounds like an alien abduction), and feeling rather ridiculous. Truly I must be a princess for I will be receiving another crown (lucky me).

So I wonder, how weird is it to wear a helmet when half your face is numb? Guess I'll be finding out soon enough!

My dentist said he used to ride... 


  1. This made me laugh. Thanks.

    I don't ride to see my dentist. She is not happy that I ride. Oh well.

    Nice re-frame on the crown thing. I hope it won't bankrupt the royal treasury.

  2. That is one of the funniest dentist scenes in a movie (Little shop of horrors). Nice grab on the photos. Carrying the helmet is a must when dressed in the storm trooper outfit.

    I too like your play on words for the crown. We know you're a princess too... a princess who rides!

  3. Now I have to get that musical song out of my head again. "Oh, shut up. Open wide. here I come!
    I am your dentist..." Thanks for making me smile today.

  4. One of the chair side assistants at my dentist's office is a sunny, summer afternoon Harley polisher. I love showing up on a cold, wet winter day on my muddy Triumph in my dripping wet gear ask her why she didn't ride today?
    I don't think I've ever arrived to a dentist appointment in the car, always been on the bike.
    Welcome to the club.

  5. I always ride to the dentist in the summer... unfortunately the weather usually sucks too bad in the winter time to make the 100 mile journey in my rain gear. Yes... I still go to Portland to see the dentist. The cool part is that one of the dental assistant in the office also rides. So I get a bad time in the winter when I show up with Tedward the Trooper instead of Zedward the ZZR.

  6. Hi Keith,
    Your welcome! :)
    We have a physicians assistant who feels the same way...always talking about "donors" and such.

  7. Hi Mike,
    It was pretty funny. I'd forgotten about the motorcycle until I saw the pic. Steve Martin as a dentist. It's just wrong in so many ways!

  8. Hi Sonja,
    LOL - sorry about the song! Glad I could make you smile. :)

  9. Hi Troubadour
    Harley I hope you leave a nice little mud puddle! On the other hand, it never pays to tick off anyone who has sharp instruments and access to the inside of your mouth!

  10. Hi Rick,
    Well, you're braver than me, I won't even ride in Portland. What do they do, put you in a chair, stuff your mouth full of tools, then harass you for the next hour, while you can't talk back! :)

  11. "Truly I must be a princess for I will be receiving another crown..." ah ha ha haha!
    Got my first crown last year. yuck.
    You are one devoted bike-ridin' gal to ride in our nasty weather.

  12. I love the looks people give me when I show up toting my helmet and swishing in my garb. Sounds like you do too! :)


  13. Very funny! My dentist rides, when I go there we talk bikes and the rides we would like to do...well, actually he talks, I go, "gaaa" and, "gu huujuh".

  14. I dislike the dentist so much I'd keep my full faced helmet on in the chair if I had one. Cool that your dentist rides though.

  15. Hi Farmgirl
    Crowns are no fun. I've lost count of mine, and I have more to go..oh well :)

  16. Hi Lori
    lol - sometimes yeah, but some times I just feel silly...especially the swishing.

  17. Ken,
    lol - I hate those one sided conversations! They always ask questions that I can't answer - sheesh!

  18. Hi Gary,
    I have a full face...good idea!
    Actually he said he used to ride (a V-rod),
    now he drives a Hummer. Not sure what I think about that! :)

  19. So how did the full face helmet go with half your face numb? Mine fits so snugly I have to think about puffing my cheeks before I close my jaw or else I bite the inside of them.

    Little by little you are being absorbed into the collective. You're even crazy enough to sound proud of it! Good for you!!!!!


  20. Hi Locutus
    Haven't gotten the crown yet. You'll have to wait a few more days for the rest of the tale.

    After my appointment I have to go to work. I'm really worried I'll get there and won't be able to get the helmet off! :)