Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Commute this Week


Beautiful morning light

Sunny and crisp

with roads that don't quite dry out.

Afternoon brings dramatic skies.


No morning photos.
I try to take aim at an old barn this afternoon,
...but captured mostly sky.

No traffic, so I stop for a moment.
A little road, less than 10 miles from where I grew up, yet I've never been over it.
Note the snow in the foothills if you can make it out.


Hang the weatherman up by his....thumbs! 
He says freezing fog, so I take the car. The fog isn't thick, and it has popped up above freezing before I hit the road. I could have rode. The afternoon...Gorgeous.


As my mom used to say, the frost is on the pumpkin.  I have no pumpkins, so frost on grass will have to do.
Today I am determined to ride. The afternoon is supposed to be spectacular, and I don't want to be stuck in the car.

Is this slippery???

Oh-oh, there it is...the fog
Fog that wants to freeze on my faceshield, but just can't quite muster enough coldness. A little ice around the edge, but the view is fine.

Salem is sunny and wonderful. At my exit I have to detour due to an accident. I loop back to another street. Accident....detours...good excuses to be late to work. It's so sunny and nice, but I resist temptation to run away and roll into work not even late.

The ride home. Sigh...this is why.


  1. Nice.

    I wrote a really nice comment and then the computer ate it. Oh well, now it's gone from my head, but I remember the main theme: You are becoming quite the "determined rider".

    I am impressed. Ride safe and ride long.


  2. Bluekat:

    ride safely and remember not to take any chances. The icey foggy day was dicey. When I see frost on windshields I leave the bike at home. At least you have new tread

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. Lovely pics, the ones where you have got low to the ground to take are excellent. Altering your angle is a great way to add varity to your pics!

  4. Like the dramatic sky shot. Looks like a storm just passed. Salem, that's quite a commute. (This is from someone who can walk to work in about an hour)


  5. I worked in So. Oregon Tuesday & Wed. Took the car due to early morning fog/ice but both days the mid-afternoons were gorgeous!

    I like that low shot of the frost on the grass - very nice! Be careful!

  6. Kari, I swear if my commute would be that pretty, I would be on my bike every friggin' work day. Alas, only city roads and too many red lights. I envy you.

  7. Hi Keith,
    I hate it when that happens! Silly computers! Thank you.

    Hi Bob,
    I try to stay safe. Sometimes it's a tough call. What looks good at home may be different 20 miles down the road. The roads were dry, still, I'm gentle in the corners and on the brakes. The only ice was a little build up on my faceshield from the windchill. For some reason it is a mist magnet on the ninja.

  8. Hi Raftnn
    Thanks. :)
    I like to take pics down low. I like trying odd angles of view.

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks. The dramatic sky turned out more dramatic in the picture than in real life fortunately. :)
    I wish my commute was shorter. If I worked closer to home I would be a bicycle commuter. Poor Sam wouldn't get so many miles.

  9. Hi Mike,
    Ron has been driving as well, being that he leaves much earlier, and in the dark. He hates missing out on those nice afternoons. Thanks.

    Hi Sonja,
    For that I'm very thankful. Today I had to ride to Beaverton (suburb of Portland). Busy freeways, crazy drivers and road construction. I was glad to get back to my quiet corner of the world. :)

  10. All pics are great as usual, but thank you especially for the green one; I look forward to when our "greenery" is actually green again! :)

  11. Wonderful diary of a working motorcyclist! I'm with SonjaM...if my commute were only half as lovely. Great images of the sky and clouds...and that patched road close to the homestead! Nice.

  12. Hi Ken,
    Your welcome on the greenery, and may it return to your neck of the woods quickly! :)

  13. Thanks Lori,
    The weird thing is when I started riding, I never planned to be a commuter. Just sort of fell into it.

  14. Riding in all conditions...... you're a true bike lover Bluekat. Thanks for the lovely photos too!

  15. Hi Geoff,
    Nah, not in all conditions. It was one of those weeks where I really wanted to ride, and the weather wasnt too bad.

    This coming week we have storms blowing in. Wind and rain, not a combination I like. I'll be in the car quite a bit I think. :)

  16. That's a lot of ups and downs with the weather Kari! But I love the green you have and that morning light is SO nice!

  17. Hi Eve,
    Ups and downs with the weather...that describes Oregon to a tee. I love the morning light, the problem is I don't like to wake up in time for morning light!