Monday, October 22, 2012

A little spam help please

I don't know if anyone else has encountered this, but I keep getting email messages from a couple of blogs that appear to be spam, usually for Rx drugs. I don't think the originate with the specific blog, but I'm not technically savvy, so if anyone has any suggestions/advice, I'd love to hear it


Friday, October 19, 2012

Ankeny Wildlife Refuge

Sunday we decided to go for a little hike through Ankeny Wildlife Refuge. We hadn't been out there for quite some time and it's the perfect time of year to pay a visit.
Ankeny Wildlife Refuge
Along the boardwalk
Bird blind
Ankeny Wildlife Refuge
Berries of an unknown origin
We walked along the boardwalk and found an unexplored path at the other end. The path ended up being a pleasant walk though some woods, crossing a couple of old wooden bridges. We returned to the boardwalk along one of the dikes that cuts through the refuge.
Ankeny Wildlife Refuge
Old Bridge along the trail
Ankeny Wildlife Refuge
Snippets of scenes along the trail
Ankeny Wildlife Refuge

Ankeny Wildlife Refuge
Caterpillar view
Not a remarkable weekend, but a rather nice one despite the return of our rainy season.

On another note...

KTM ... bicycles?

Who knew? KTM makes bicycles. I could rock one of these :)
From the KTM website

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apple Daze - Perhaps our last sunny weekend

The ride to Detering Orchard is one of my favorite rides. The weather has been spectacular this fall, and Saturday was no exception. It was a crisp, cold start in the morning, but eventually the day warmed up. We were joined by a few folks from MVBC making for a fairly sizable group of riders for the day.
Pretty flowers along the way
Who wants to pack one of these babies home?
Apples, apples, and more apples
And the best apple?   Carmel Apples!

Man's best friend and Duck Fan!
A little bike porn on the way home

None. Zip. Nada. This is my chariot of choice this week:
A little bit of Mopar in my life - Dodge Charger
Not ours. Our car is in the shop for a couple of days, getting a boo-boo fixed (minor fender bump, minimal damage). Ron requested a little economy car, but this is what they gave us. Sadly it's not the hemi (after all if you aren't going to have an econo-car, you may as well have the hemi!).  It's rather peppy none the less. Sam will take this week off. :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not a Bad Start to Autumn

Not much motobloggery this week. A little fog one morning, but it was fleeting. Another morning I nearly donned the heated jacket. I have one cold area to ride through. It has it's own little micro-climate and is always a few degrees cooler than anywhere else. It was the coolest morning so far, but, it's still September and I'm not really ready to plug in just yet.
Bad shooting at the sun photo. Mist across the fields.
The fog bank that faded away to nothing.
On Friday Sam took me to Albany to pick up bird litter. (She was a bit indignant to be hauling litter.) The return trip was supposed to be the long way home with photos. Instead it was a bug in the eye and the quickest route home.

The Ninja air stream has a propensity to launch bugs directly into my face, past the tiniest openings of my faceshield, and whip them around behind the lenses of my glasses. Perhaps this was Sam's payback for hauling bird litter. No damage done, but my eye was scratchy and sensitive and I didn't feel much like riding after that.


On Saturday Ron and I slept in and missed our club ride, so we opted for something closer to home and later in the morning.
Valley Ride
Looking for Autumn
I was hoping for more fall color, but it's still rather subdued. The dust devils were whirling away across the valley floor. Nice when it's a tailwind. Not so nice fighting headwinds. On this day we'll have both.
Valley Ride
Dust devils
Hazelnut Orchard. I could hear nuts falling in there. At least, I hope it was nuts!
Valley Ride

We stopped for an espresso at a lovely spot with a waterfront view.
Valley Ride
Espresso time!
Our less than spectacular espresso
Valley Ride
Um, that's not quite what I meant!
Our even less than spectacular waterfront view. :)
Valley Ride

I just can't end it with a picture of a ditch. Here,s a little nicer scene from earlier in the day.
Valley Ride
All that's missing is a nice little pumpkin patch!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Peoria Road and the Mennonite Bakery Ride

A perfect fall day for a ride. Sunny and cool, with a sweet tailwind out to the bakery (and a nasty headwind upon return).

Peoria Road
Mennonite Bakery - this is the best ride!
Satiated Riders
We stopped for cookies, donuts or cinnamon rolls (take your pick). Ron and I opted to split a cinnamon roll. I managed one quick pic half way through the roll. Sticky, sugary, goodness!
Sorry, half eaten. But oh so good!
Some riders headed back to Corvallis. We stayed with the main group to ride more backroads, but left them before getting to Shedd (lunch stop). Chuck, Ron and I skipped lunch for a quick return to Corvallis. We all had errands to attend in the afternoon.

After the ride Ron and I stopped by the Peak Sports to get an opinion on my seatpost. I had noticed a rough/bumpy spot that didn't seem right and I wanted a professional opinion.
Cracked seatpost
Yes it's cracked, you should replace it. We can order you a new one. I was also given a stern lecture from the mechanic kid on how not to overtighten the seatpost! This with a roll of the eyes, shaking of the head, and heavy sighs of exasperation! Something about torque and some weird numbers....something, something....whatever.

I tried to talk Ron into just rolling a new bike under my saddle (The salesstaff wholeheartedly agreed with me), but Ron would have none of that. Drat!

40.96 mi
2:48 tm
14.62 av
20.54 mx
4847 odo

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A change of Seasons

Try as I might I cannot come up with a blog post that inspires me. Me thinks my muse has gone vacationing somewhere. We are still having some summer weather, but the mornings are cooler and there are signs of changing season. Only one more week of summer. I think perhaps it's going to be a nice fall.
The morning commute. The roads aren't always empty. I'm just more likely to shoot photos when I'm not sharing the road with others. The grass fields are all plowed under. In the afternoon dust devils abound.
Main Street, Jefferson. You can barely see the flashing yellow light up ahead. Yep it's school season once again. It's a merry dance requiring perfect timing to avoid getting behind a stopped bus. 
Drat! Missed.
I've been wanting a picture of some sunflowers on my route. This was my first attempt at capturing them on the fly. Fail. Just one tiny corner caught on the edge of the photo. I'll try again in the afternoon.
Blurry, but I got the sunflowers. :)
Last weekend we stopped in Corvallis for dessert and a little stroll around town. No pics of either the dessert or the stroll. We spotted a tiger on our way home. Not sure if it was our own Troubadour, or some other tiger out hunting twisty roads or some nice dirt trails....or perhaps a wheat field  to prowl.
Stalking A Tiger
My last two morning commutes this week have been shared with a couple of balloons. Today I tried for some pics, but this fellow kept hiding behind the butte. I swear he'd drop down every time I pulled out the camera. Notice the hazy skies? Remember those plowed fields earlier? Dirt and wind have made the air terribly dusty right now.


I finally got him to come out from his hiding place, floating over a nearby farm. Pretty scene if that road sign hadn't blocked the view. Ignore the sign...I always do. ;)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gear for Ears and a little something for the Knees

Been adding a few goodies to the gear collection. D3o knee armor and finally a replacement for our chatterboxes that never recovered after our Montana trip.

It was the Montana trip where I learned that my knees don't do well with knee pads. Somewhere through the years my knee caps have acquired these tough little bumps that end up aching after hours in contact with armor. On the tour I pulled out the armor and just did without. I'd heard of the D3o armor, softer and thinner than regular armor. The theory is that it's soft and flexible but turns hard immediately on impact for protection. Online chatter proved some riders didn't quite trust the stuff, but a few who had tested it in an accident said it performed alright.
D3o armor and regular CE armor
I can't say if it's any less safe or not, but it seems to be a reasonable compromise. It's very comfortable. I hardly notice it's there. Bumpy patellas approve. I haven't tested it on a long ride yet, so we'll have to see how it goes. Now if I could just find some shoulder armor that actually stayed on my shoulders...

Last year, somewhere in Montana a cord on my chatterbox got caught in the chain. I felt a tiny tug and pulled back a decapitated wire used for a PTT button.  Trouble getting replacement parts for an older chatterbox and the fact that it didn't handle the Ninja's wind noise too well left us ready to try something else.

We put off getting a replacement until we thought we might take a trip. The trip didn't pan out, but a new intercom system did.  We got a set of Sena SMH10s.
Me actually being useful. Sena installation.
I had read good things about this system and it seemed to meet our needs. It's nice and compact on the helmet, and very easy to use with only 2 handy buttons for volume, switching channels, etc. Truth be told, we haven't quite figured out how to make it voice activated. The instructions seem simple enough, but it just hasn't worked for us yet. A minor issue, we'll get it figured out. Other options are we can either have it open all the time, or switch to PTT. Battery life hasn't been a problem for afternoon jaunts, so we just leave it open for continuous talking. I can also listen to music from my iphone if the mood strikes.
Sena SHM10 and  the evil iphone
The Ninja stirs up what sounds like gale-force winds around my helmet. The mic picks up a little noise, but not bad and we can still talk at 70 mph albeit with voices raised slightly. The chatterbox used to turn to static at highway speeds, so this is a definite improvement. Another thing to note is this system doesn't pick up signals like walkie-talkies, so may not work for group rides.

While the intercom has plenty of volume, when listening to music I have to have the volume almost at full blast. Even then the music is quiet. This is fine as I don't like it loud. It's more of an issue with the Ninja wind noise and my use of ear plugs. In the house, with no ear plugs the music is plenty loud.

Speaking of gale-force winds creating useless, blasting noise...

It's GOP convention week.
Much to Ron's and my dismay I've become interested in politics. I actually watched three days of this stuff. Ron put the time to good use ... in the garage
There is a bench under all that stuff!
He said it's good to clean up the garage every 4 years or so...

Lest you think you have my political leanings pegged. I will watch the DNC convention as well. Wonder what will get cleaned up next week? :)

Still haven't gotten up at 7:00 for morning pics.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Two-wheeled Weekend - This and That

No epic rides this week. No special scenery. Sometimes it's good just to hang out in the local area. I took Sam for a ride looking for inspiration for a post. Not much inspiration, but it was a nice ride before the hot weather set in for the afternoon.
Local icon: Larwood Bridge
I love the smell of mint in the summer!
Have some more corn, Honey?
Sam is, as of yet, blissfully unaware of the new gas coming to a pump near you. 
Riverview  meeting hall.
Saturday is skinny tire day. We had a pleasant, short ride from Jefferson to Aumsville. We were to early for lunch, so second breakfast I guess.
Smile! The climb is over. 
Recumbents. I had a chance to ride a recumbent (bent). Scariest thing ever!
To round out the weekend nicely, I guess we need some fat tire time. We hauled the bikes to Sisters, Oregon for some sweet central Oregon dirt. Rode some trails. Dodged the climbs. Got lost a couple of times. Good stuff. I love mountain biking in Central Oregon.
Sweet Central Oregon Dirt
Riding Peterson's Ridge Trail system outside of Sisters Oregon

Weekend over, Back to the grind...