Monday, January 16, 2012

Jefferson to Independence & return via Buena Vista Ferry

Start at Jefferson Middle School
May, Ken and Roger. It was really nice to see Ken!
 It was a pretty good showing considering the weather.
Railroad crossing at Ankeny Wildlife Refuge
Ankeny Wildlife Refuge
 The rain was supposed to hold off until later and caught Maurice and a couple other no-rain riders by surprise. Started dry, but we were soaked at lunch, ...
Willamette River, Buena Vista
Buena Vista Ferry
... and the rain didn't let up for the afternoon. Plenty of headwind going back to Jefferson; The downside to the nice tailwind in the morning. Everyone agreed it was still great to be out riding.

33.56 miles
2.34 hrs
13.04 av
29.52 mx
3,480 Total

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