Saturday, February 11, 2012

29/29 - ELEVEN: Chocolate!

I had a different photo picked for today, but this one trumped everything. Today was our annual Chocolate Ride, and this was the requisite chocolate.
Serious YUM
Every February our bicycle club does the chocolate ride. The route may vary, the restaurant may vary, but one thing remains the same: a chocolate treat at the end. The ride was listed at 25 miles, but we wanted something longer, so we started from Lebanon for added mileage.
Interesting sculpture
We met everyone else in Albany at the start point. A few others had opted to ride in as well.
 Ride-ride-ride, then eat-eat-eat, followed by chocolate.
 Did I mention there would be chocolate? After lunch Ron and I rode through Albany with Bill. We happened to see our uncle Bob on the way. Silly me, I didn't think to snap a picture. Before we made it back home we rode a little gravel (fun stuff on 23mm tires!).
I love this stuff!
Homeward bound
62.79 mi - metric Century - WooHoo!
4.49 time
13.03 av
24.86 mx
3605 total


  1. Yumm. Now I am craving a cupcake. What a great waybto end your ride.

    And 62 miles. Holy crap girl. I don't know if I could do ten. Good job. You earned more than one cupcake.

  2. Showing me a cupcake while I am dieting, not a good idea. I will spend the rest of the evening getting that drooling stopped.
    I am impressed at the mileage you put on your man powered bike. My butt hurts just from thinking of being in the saddle that long. WOW!

    1. Oops! Sorry. I'm supposed to be dieting to, but dang! there was no way I was passing it up.

  3. I think I could get into bicycling if there was a lovely treat at the end such as the one you posted. That looks scandalously delicious!

  4. Hi Dar,
    It was scandalously delicious! :)
    Baked goods, especially with chocolate are my biggest, worstest, weak spot!

  5. Yum. Now I need some chocolate cake.

  6. lol - Yeah it effects me the same way, every time I see the photo :)