Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lake Washington Ride

Finally had a chance to introduce Ron to riding in Seattle. I really didn't intend to take him over so many hills. It was just going to be a little ride along Lake Washington. There is a little climbing to get there, but nothing terrible.

First we chose to ride up through Interlaken Park. It's an easy climb and worth it - like being in a forest far from the city. After the park we made our way down to Lake Washington Boulevard and a gorgeous ride along the lake shore. Pretty flat route too. I think it's part of the STP route.

Lake Washington Boulevard

Lake Washington

Kari futzing on the iphone map

We rode out to Seward Park our turn around point then returned along the same road. Stopped for lunch at a little deli ran by a very nice older gentleman.

Seward Park

Seward Park

Pert's Deli

Since it was getting late we decided on a more direct route home ... up and over the Central District/Capitol Hill area. Four or five big climbs ( and several little ones) we made it back to the apartment.

Last climb on Union Street
 23.24 miles
1260.33 total ascent
400.16 ft max ele.


  1. Did you ride by Bill Gate's mansion on the lake? ;)

    I hope Rachel is doing well.

    1. Hi Dom,
      lol, I don't think so, but we did roll by some pretty nice places. Rachel is doing pretty good. She posts updates on Facebook, I guess I should add them here. We are still fighting the blood infection that just doesn't want to go away. She's on drugs keeping the leukemia knocked down for now. It seems like we spend more time fighting infection than fighting cancer.

  2. "I really didn't intend to take him over so many hills…"

    You sound so innocent...

    1. Hi Richard,
      You make it sound like I planned it that way! ;)
      Truth be told, when I'm strong enough, I love climbing hills. But still I really didn't plan it. Blame it on google maps. :)

  3. We had vacationed a few times at Lake Washington, it's a lovely area.

    With currently 36C (97F) in our area it is currently too hot for us to be on the bike (any bike, motorised or not).

    1. Hi Sonja,
      36c - I don't envy you that. Time to enjoy the night life maybe? :)

  4. Kari:

    was nice for you to have company for a change. I'm not sure I could handle all those hills. We had a friend who used to live near Seward Park and we used to visit at least one weekend every month. There was NO I-5 back then. we had to take the long route through Everett and then down Aurora

    did I spot a Ninja green cycle jacket ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Hi Bob
      It's really pretty along Lake Washington. At least when you can se it. It's hard to imagine travel back before the freeway. Although some days it's so backed up we take the surface streets instead.

      I think the ninja green is my bike pannier. Some Ortliebs that were on sale at REI a while back. I'd love to be able to retrofit them to the ninja. I need saddle bags and these are waterproof.

  5. 23 miles on the hills of Seattle? You guys rock. Looks like beautiful weather for a ride too.

    How is your daughter doing?

    1. Hi Brandy,
      Hills are our only options these days. Hard to find any flat roads. :)
      Rachel is doing well. We're currently fighting a chronic blood infection that just doesn't want to to away. Fortunately it doesn't make her feel too sick or cause fevers. But it distracts from the real battle to fight the cancer. Hope you guys are keeping well and getting some nice riding in these warm days.

  6. Thanks for the Rachel update Kari....