Saturday, January 24, 2015

Biscuit Ride

If you feed them, they will ride...

May made biscuits! Biscuits and homemade jelly!! A sweet treat before the ride. Thank you May!!!

We met early for a biscuit breakfast send off before the ride. May G. made some wonderful homemade biscuits with a choice of jellies and honey. How great is that!

Biscuit and Jelly Breakfast
Can you believe this is January? Sunny. Warm. Too good to be true and next weekend is looking to be more of the same! We rode a quick loop around the Scio-Crabtree area. What can you say about an uneventful ride? No wind. No rain. The fog had dissapated. No bad dogs gave chase. No stupid cars buzzed too close. Motorcycles - Lots of motorcycles were out enjoying the unseasonably nice weather. Perfection.
Hoffman Bridge
Thomas Creek


Lunch was at the Covered bridge cafe, where we ran into an aquantence from past years: Jeremy E. and his friends joined us for lunch. So great to catch up on life.

24 miles - mileage is approximate because, once again, I forgot to turn off the garmin for the car trip home. It listed 41 miles and a hella sweet average. :)



  1. Wait, Kari, you got the biscuits in beforehand, and still cycled after? Respect! I would have likely rubbed my belly and just stayed put ;-)

    For me the treat would have to be at the end of the ride, like a carrot dangling in front of a mule. I admire your willpower.

    1. On this day the weather was so nice it was easy to go ride. Most winter days ... not so much. There is something to be said about having a treat following the ride. The best order: Ride, Eat, Sleep! :)

  2. OK. Climate change has shown me now that WI is getting all the junk and deep cold while everyone else is getting mild winters. Yes, just WI. No one else!

    Looks like a good ride and fun time.

    1. Agreed. Climate change has treated us well this winter in the PNW, but we really do need some snow in the mountains. We might be feeling it next summer.

  3. What a great day to be out on the bikes. Glad you managed to get out to enjoy the sunshine - and biscuits too.

    1. Thanks Trobairitz,
      We went to Newport on Sunday and it was 70!