Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 5: Suwannee River

I'm a day behind due to s-l-o-w internet last night. Here is Friday's report and I'll try to catch up in the next few days. 

Another beautiful day in Florida. We woke to a crisp, clear morning with no humidity, no rain predicted, only a little wind. We had a choice between the Adventure cycling route and a route that would take us through Live Oak. We chose to stay on the Adventure Cycling route.
Big red rooster and the little speckled hen 
photo by Roger Gaither
Kari and Jo. photo by Roger Gaither
Spanish moss - photo by Roger Gaither
photo by Roger Gaither
photo by Roger Gaither
This is another lovely route along quiet roads with loads of wildflowers. We stopped at Suwannee River State Park where we could view the confluence of the Suwannee and the Withlacoochee River. This is a really nice state park that looks like it would be a great place to camp. Wooded and cool. We got off the bikes and walked some of the trails to the view point of the two rivers. Very nice. Afterwords we had a brief picnic to refuel for the next leg of the trip.
More wildflowers
Steam boat remains

Ace and Jo along the boardwalk in Suwannee River State Park
Confluence of the Suwannee and Withlacoochee Rivers
We continued toward Madison with an annoying headwind. It was head down and grind away at the pedals. Roger had worked out some backroads to get us over to the interstate where our lodging was for the night. There was less wind on the backroads, but they soon turned to packed sand. I thought it was an adventure. We rode a few miles on these before popping out on a frontage road near our destination.
Ace, Jo, and Roger along the sandy backroads
Everyone was HUNGRY! There was a Dairy Queen nearby, and a Denny's right next to the motel. We found May lounging by the pool. We joined her there until we could stand our hunger pangs no longer. We hit the closest place that had food. That would be Dennys. We went for desserts and treats, but ended up eating dinner. It was good to have full tummys. We returned to our rooms where at least a few of us succumbed to napping.

40 miles

Pool lounging: Ace
Jo and May 
Roger and Kari


  1. Wonderful photos! I especially like the Spanish moss and the bright greens. When I left Fairbanks this afternoon, there was just a hint of green in the trees. I suspect we will full fledged green by the time I get back.

  2. Good to see so many happy faces. You really seem to enjoy your trip. It's raining cats and dogs in the Blackforest, so I am very pleased that you have sunshine all the way.

  3. Beautiful scenery along that route. Love the tin rooster and chicken.

    It appears you are enjoying the ride so far. What an adventure.

  4. Richard, it seems like in Alaska once a season gets started it quickly goes big.

    Sonja, sorry about the rain. I'd send some sunshine if I could. Florida appears to have plenty to spare.

    Hi Brandy, I like the rooster and chicken too. I love metal works. I don't know if you can tell from the pic, but they were quite tall. The rooster about 4 ft maybe.