Saturday, June 27, 2015


June 27

A big push to get all the way to Dubois. 75 miles, mostly uphill. Due to a possibility of hot and windy weather we left by 6 am. Fortune smiled upon us and we had minimal wind or a tailwind for part of the ride, It really wasn’t too bad, though by the end it was hot and we were tired and ready to be off the bikes. 

The scenery along this route is gorgeous. Rugged and remote with craggy canyons and wonderful colors of dirt and rocks. We also met a lot of other touring cyclists this day, some from the west and others from the east. 

We made it to Dubois and promptly found a place to eat. Dubois is a little frontier type town. Touristy, but fun. This evening the clouds are building and perhaps  we’ll have a thunderstorm. 
Ron and Roger
Antelope that came walking towards us 
Big views

Red rock canyons and Wind River

Dubois Wyoming


  1. Pretty good scenery. I bet you guys were thinking about taking a dip in that river eh?

    1. Yes, yes we were. Couldn't really find a good spot to access it.

  2. Did you see the big Jackalope and the laundry with the giant skull of a steer in front?

    1. We saw the jackalope on our way out of town this morning. I didn't see the steer skull. :)