Thursday, June 25, 2015

Riverside to Rawlins

June 23 - Tuesday

Today was a little longer ride. I’m enjoying the expansive, remote scenery of Wyoming. We had a few bumps to climb over today, but nothing too steep or long. We also had a good shoulder most of the way, always a plus. Second breakfast was 22 miles down the road in Saratoga. It was a beautiful morning and we had breakfast outside on the patio overlooking the North Platte River. It was a great start to the morning. 

Leaving Saratoga we had 12 miles of road construction. There was some freshly paved sections as well as some grooved sections. The grooved portions were much fun, but they were rideable. Traffic and construction crews treated us well and we got through with no problems.  

We were on this road for a good distance. Passed three other trans-am riders all heading east. Two were friends of Jenny’s. Today we also rode on the interstate for 12 miles. As bad as it sounds, this is actually some pretty decent riding. Noisy, but otherwise we have a huge shoulder to ourselves and traffic never feels too close. Grades are gentler as well. 

At Sinclair we were able to join a frontage road to finish our ride into Rawlins. We rode past the refinery which is interesting to view. We also rode through the town of Sinclair, past a historic motel of which I’ve forgotten the name. We had a strong headwind the rest of the ride into Rawlins. Dinner tonight, believe it or not, will be at a local Thai place in downtown Rawlins.

60 miles
Leaving Riverside Campground

Second Breakfast
North Platte River 

Freeway riding 
Sinclair Refinery 

Parco? Motel in Sinclair


  1. I'm just having a hard time grasping this trip. It's an exhausting route in a car and seems to take forever in a car for most of these stretches, and yet you are all doing just fine...An impressive labor of love, I'd say.

  2. Not really a labor of love. I just enjoy riding my bike and exploring a new road. It's really just that simple. I drove with Roger and May from Oregon to Florida, and it's different in a car than on a bike. You see different things and the experience is different when on a bike. :)