Saturday, June 6, 2015

Strataca Salt Mines

June 6
Today was a rest day in Hutchinson. Everyone had their own things happening in the morning. Roger and May visited Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, Jo and Ace did their own thing, and I went and got a haircut and did some browsing at Target. I say browsing because I’m too indecisive to actually buy something. 
In the afternoon we all visited Strataca Kansas underground salt mines. Quite a unique place to visit. We rode down 640 ft. which is the level where they found the purest salt. The Carey salt mine opened in 1923 and is still an active mining operation, now known as the Hutchinson Salt Company. The salt mines are used to store archival items such as old films/movies, memorabilia, documents, etc. The mine maintains a cool and consistent temperature and apparently is an excellent place to preserve valuables. We followed up with ice cream, which has apparently ruined our appetites for dinner.

Tomorrow we are back on the road with a long day of 60 plus miles with wind and hot weather. We plan to be on the road early.

Wall and celing in the salt mine

I should have included a person, this piece of compressed salt
weighs in at 6000 lbs. About 4 ft. tall maybe.
Looking down the tunnel. 
Some of the original equipment. Things brought into the mine
stays in the mine.
Saw that undercuts the wall.

One type of loader
Men in Black display: The small one is the little cricket

Original cartoon drawings

Computer/media display

The closest I've come to finding Dorothy
Example of stored archival items
Mr. Freeze


  1. A salt mine! That's pretty cool. I gather that the mine was being used for storage of movie memorabilia?

    1. Yep, and some other stuff too. It's strange that while salt can be corrosive it also has preservative properties. I'm not sure of the sciency-wiency stuff. It's just cool they have the stuff there on display. The salt mine is a good visit.

  2. Impressive! And stunning photography. Now tell me how to get the Batman jingle out of my head... dada dada dada dada dada da Batmaaan!!!