Thursday, July 9, 2015


July 9
A quick ride into Missoula this morning. We only had 30 downhill miles to go, so it was almost like a rest day. We arrived in Missoula before noon and made our way to Adventure Cycling. Roger is friends with one of the founders, Greg Siple. Greg gave us a tour of the facilities and took our photos for the photo wall. It was a nice afternoon. Afterwords we went with May in search of lodging for our extra long rest. Somehow we have gotten ahead of schedule, so we will have an extra rest day in Missoula. 

Lodging was challenging as there is a marathon in town this weekend, but we found a very nice, albeit pricey motel that will make a great place to take a break. After settling in we went out for dinner then dropped by a local music event in the park. Music was mediocre, but people watching, especially the cute kids was fun. 

Tomorrow will be chores and maintenance.

On our way to Missoula
Adventure Cycling
Music in the park


  1. Nice to be ahead of schedule and have an extra day to rest and meander a little. Enjoy your sightseeing.

  2. Is the Adventure Cycling organization used to be Bikecentennial? I remember that they were in Missoula back in the 70s. I even used to have one of their decals.

  3. Hi Richard and Brandy,
    It's been fun in Missoula, shopping and doing normal things. Tomorrow we're going to visit their farmer's market and perhaps a couple of art galleries.

    Richard, yes it's the same as the bikecentennial from back in the 70s. The trans-am route we have been on is part of that original route. From Missoula we will leave the trans-am route and make our way north to the Northern tier - another route from adventure cycling. That is the route that will take us across Washington to Anacortes. Only a couple of weeks left! Hard to believe. :)