Saturday, July 4, 2015


July 4
Happy Independence Day!
I’ve fallen behind in my posting. If you follow on FB, perhaps Ron has kept you abreast of our travels of late. After the Tetons, we spent two days exploring Yellowstone by car. The narrow roads of Yellowstone are rideable, but not ideal with no shoulder and high traffic. The worst being oversized RVs rented by drivers who have no experience with such large vehicles. We have a car, so why not use it. We were able to visit many areas of the park that we would have missed on bicycle. It was a good decision. We had two days playing tourist. It was quite relaxing. This is my first visit to Yellowstone and the Tetons. 

After our two day break we are back on the bikes and winding our way towards Missoula MT. traveling through small towns along the way. The scenery is mundane, but the riding is pleasant, and the small towns are quaint, so I have few complaints. Last night we rented a cute cabin with kitchenette. The location was pretty with a small stream behind us that had a water wheel. I wonder if people rent this place for weddings? It was that nice. We were able to make our own dinner of Corn on the cob, potatos, chicken stir fry, and a microwave apple crisp with ice cream. Yum!

Tonight we are in the Montana town of Twin Bridges. We have a very short day tomorrow, to get us close to the monstrous climbs we will have on Monday. Two passes in one day - Oh My!

Yellowstone Day 1
Beautiful colors at the springs 
Yellow and Blue 
One of the blue springs. The colors are spectacular.
I can't do them justice.

It was still, but started bubbling up along with other geysers/springs close by
Old Faithful 
Rapids on the Yellowstone River
Waterfall. I don't remember which one. 
Little snack by the roadside. 
Elk - Ron's photo

May and Kari - Ron's pic 
Ron and Kari
Roger and May
Yellowstone Day 2

Gibbon Falls
Mammoth Hot Springs 

Cool old style lightbulbs at Roosevelt Lodge
Roosevelt Lodge
Wildflowers. Lot's of wildflowers.
And lot's of flies in attach mode. We didn't linger.
North Canyon

Same falls as yesterday, but from a different angle
Ron's trophy: He got the bear pic!
July 4 Ennis to Twin Bridges MT:
Where we came from 
Where we must go 
Virginia City, MT
Second Breakfast


  1. I was wondering how far you had gotten after the Tetons. I figured that Wi-Fi was an issue inside Yellowstone Natl Park.

  2. What a treat, thanks for bringing back memories from an awesome road trip, Kari. The Falls are likely the Lower Yellowstone Falls, which you nicely captured.

  3. Ah what great pictures!
    Have enjoyed lurking on your trip....looks like it continues to be a beautiful and challenging adventure!

  4. Wow, you've made it to Montana. Great job.

    Having never been to Yellowstone I appreciated all the beautiful pictures.

  5. Hi Richard:
    Most of our lodgings have had wifi that is poor to pretty good. Only in Yellowstone did they charge an extra fee for wifi. We didn't bother.

    Hi Sonja,
    Thanks for the answer to the name of the falls. I'm sure there were signs, but I was to busy enjoying the view.

    Thanks Martha :)

    Thanks Brandy. You should go sometime. It is worth the trip. Don't miss the Tetons as well. Just do yourself a favor and find a time when it's not so busy. :)