Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Peavy Hike and Run

Morning in the forest is soooo wonderful. Good for the soul, or whatever. Did one of my regular routes. It's been over a month since I've been here. How did a whole month go by? That explains why my legs are so sore this afternoon. It would also explain why the trail looked so lush and overgrown with a new crop of wildflowers to distract me from my workout.
Carpenteria californica, or so Google says.
Heck you didn't think I'd come up with the latin name did you?

It was the usual stuff. Hike up, run down until the legs are thrashed. Then hobble back to the car. The hike up was at a pretty good pace, I think. I jogged some of the lesser inclines. Ran from Peavy down to the lake, about a mile. Stopping to fuss after things in my pack and what have you, so I had some short breaks.
Fern. (I figured that one out myself!)

I fell once. The upside of trail running, if you're lucky you will face plant into a soft part of the trail. No harm done, and the lady I passed coming down the trail didn't see my grand splat - at least I don't think she did. :) My down hill running skills are a work in progress. Heck, so are the uphill running skills. There is one cool thing about running down the hill. You totally can pass as an actual trail runner who has her sh*t together. Looks good up until the face plant that is.
Another snowy carpet under the trees. So pretty in real life.

I was hoping to run some on Calloway trail, but my legs were toast by then. (Thank you month off.) Strolled back to the car happily munching on some tangelos.
Rosa pisocarpa - another Google guess.

4.75 miles
917 elevation gain
1 fall
2 sore legs


  1. running....up and down trails in the woods....haven't done that in decades....your post reminds me of why. :)

    still, good on you for doing it. I rather enjoyed such running, back in the day, now my body would intentionally dive off the side of the cliff.

  2. A really pretty area for running/walking. That sounds like things I used to do in the past. Nothing like hills...

  3. Peavy is so pretty this time of year. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  4. Dom,
    back in the day I did none of these bikey-hikey things. Maybe once a year I'd hike a nice trail. Guess I'm trying to catch up now. Today I also rode bikes, and my legs are ready to drag me over the nearest cliff, if one can be found.

    It is a beautiful area. I sometimes wish I lived closer to Mac Forest. I think I'd go there every day. Nothing like hills to explode your lungs and shred your legs. :)

    Everytime I go up there I find new wildflowers, and on this day the grass and greenery is overflowing onto the trail. Most of my hiking has been in the fall. I didn't realize how beautiful spring is.

  5. Well done, Kari. I do not mind hiking/running up the hill but I am reluctant running downhills in full speed. Easy to slip on gravel. Now after your cross country bicycle ride, are you planning to run and hike across?