Wednesday, October 26, 2016

River and Lake Run

Kind of an easy run along the Santiam River and return along Cheadle Lake Trail. If I'm going to do a trail run this weekend, an actual event trail run, I wanted a little mileage, but I didn't want to work too hard. So it was an easy pace with lots of walk breaks ... and photo op breaks.

I so want to chicken out on the event run. Not too anxious yet, but I know it's coming. Anyway back to today's run. Stopped by the diversion dam, one of my regular photo spots. Water is a little lower today than a few days ago.

Diversion Dam

Fish Ladder

I always like this little scene above and it's particular nice this time of year. It's also the turn around point of my very first bicycle ride after I decided to become a "cyclist". You know, the kind with fugly bike clothes and riding an insane amount of miles. I rode it on my Rockhopper with knobbies. Hardest 5 miles ever, but I prevailed.  I always say bike riding is a slippery slope. You start with a little ride around the neighborhood then one day find yourself riding across the continent.

Requisite shoe pic. I guess it's a runner thing

These grapes smelled heavenly
 The general rule is I try to take photos during my walk breaks, but I had just started back running when I came across these:
Amanita Muscara
Had to stop. My first Amanita Muscara (according to Google). I call them happy little mushrooms. Is that a little to Bob Ross for you? I was tickled pink to find them and had to stop for a photo or five. Maybe go back with my good camera and hope they haven't been stomped. There were already a few casualties in that regard and what kid doesn't love a good fungi stomping.


Looking back
 Final image, almost back to the car. All and all, this is a pretty nice loop to run or even walk. It's not that long and while there are a few dull spots, the river and the lake make up for it.
4.5 miles
Cheadle pano


  1. Great photos Bluekat...liked the patterns on the second, the colors and curve on the third.

  2. Lovely pics, Kari. I wish I could go on a trail run with you, You would also love the trails we have to offer (if you like lots of hills that is...).

    1. Hi Sonja, I wish we could too. I bet I would love your area for running or riding. It's so beautiful there.

  3. Those mushrooms pics are awesome. So are the road with the leaves. So nice to see some fall color.

    1. Hi Brandy, I LOVED the mushrooms. I had to stop when I saw them. I've seen pics, but never found them in real life. What a treat.