About Me

Mom. Wife. Cyclist. Artist.

I like being outside and I like being active. I'm not fast nor enduring, but I get along just fine. I enjoy photography but the artist in me sometimes wanders off into the realm of image manipulation taking a photo far beyond what some would call photography. I like art and creativity, be it a drawing, a dance, a song, or any of the other countless creative/crafted forms of expression. 

From 2012 to 2014 I was away from home, taking care of my daughter who had Leukemia. We spent several months in Portland Oregon before moving to Seattle Washington in Summer 2013. She continued treatment at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, but despite outstanding care from her team of Doctors and staff our daughter passed away in July 2014.

Upon returning home I've kept busy with cycling and art. I need to rebuild my strength and stamina for cycling, and for what ever reason I've started drawing again.

I miss Seattle. It's a beautiful city and part of my heart still dwells there. I'm afraid that going back will be painful, but I know one day I will return.

Read on if you like, but you may not like what you read...

For the most part:

  • I like diversity, And dislike demands for conformity.
  • My politics are progressive.
  • I am pro-choice.
  • I support same-sex marriage.
  • Transgendered persons in the restroom are fine by me.
  • I don't support the death penalty even though sometimes I wish I did.
  • I'm okay with guns, but don't really understand the utter fascination with them. 
  • Bicycles are my favorite things. I LOVE bikes, especially the human powered ones. Motor is good too.
  • I'm not overly concerned about my "carbon footprint", but I think about it sometimes. 
  • I like art and illustration. Colored pencil is my favorite media.
  • I like silly songs. My music embarrasses my Son, but that’s as it should be. 
  • Photography is a nice portable form of creativity that suits my restless nature, but so far I'm not willing to sacrifice my time on the quest for exceptional photography. 
  • My writing skills are severely lacking. I'm no wordsmith.
  • I'm not good with endings, but this is all I have to say. 

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