Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Shellburg Falls with Bruno

I couldn't wait for the sunny days that are coming this week. I had to get out today. Took the dog to Shellburg Falls for a little 3 mile hike in the forest. My ankle is still bothering me, so we stuck to the main road. Bruno didn't care, there were plenty of sniffs to be sniffed wherever we strolled.

Bruno butt
One mile in we came to Shellburg creek and the lower falls. We didn't take the trail to the upper falls today. We took the road up around to the top of the falls and caught a peek of it through the trees. We also found the trailhead for August mountain trail. A trip for another day.
Shellburg Creek

Looking down on the lower falls

Only saw three other hikers today and we didn't get rained on. Found a few wildflowers, but no pics turned out. Happy dog on a leash isn't conducive to photography.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Ankeny Boardwalk

You have one day to enjoy nice weather. Don’t waste it!

I hurt my back a week ago. Then my ankle and thighs, compensating for my sore back, began to hurt a few days later. This is one of those times when bad weather is a blessing and I won't feel the need to try to do something ridiculous, like riding a bike.

The good news is things are slowly getting better, and a little activity actually helps, so with today being the only sunny day in an otherwise dismal forecast I paid a visit to Ankeny Wildlife Refuge.
The Boardwalk 
Viewing blind

This is a nice easy hike, a stroll really, along soggy paths and a boardwalk that travels over wetlands. Today the wetlands were, definitely wet. This is the best time to visit I think.

I’ve honestly not seen the water this high before. It was up to the edge of the boardwalk, and then finally spilling over the top. I could see the end of the walk, but I didn’t bother to wade through the last two puddles.
High Water

Almost to the end and
finally the whole walk is underwater
On the way out I found plenty of spring wildflowers (or perhaps weeds). Most are subtle little bits of color.

Heading back to the car I spotted these cute little boots waiting by the sign. There were some children on a hike and I guess they left them here to change into once they finish. They'll be wishing they had their boots when they find the puddles.

Friday, December 16, 2016


Some folks call it Snowmageddon. I call it icemageddon. When it turns cold most places get pretty, fluffy snow. We get ice pellets and frozen fog. Nasty stuff, but it can make for some interesting photo ops.

Yesterday I captured a pic of this little hummingbird that's been hanging out in our yard. I put the feeder out a couple weeks ago when I learned that hummers are here year round, and it wasn't long before this little guy claimed it as his own. He hangs out in the plum tree dutifully guarding his nectar from incoming marauders. There have been a few skirmishes, but a victor always returns. Whether it's the same bird or another, I cannot say.  The ones I've seen all look the same, with very little differentiating markings. Google tells me they are probably Anna's Hummingbird.

Today everything is drippy. It's still cold but obviously above freezing. Shot a few pics in the backyard. These are pretty mundane. I've seen some pretty interesting shots posted on social media. You can find some nice subjects if you're willing to venture farther than the backyard. I wasn't dressed for venturing.

I did finally get dressed for a walk/run and ventured out of the neighborhood. Only about 3 miles. I hurt my back last week, and though it doesn't bother me much during the day, I wasn't sure about running. Also there were all those icy patches. It was good to get out. I did run some and it didn't bother my back - yay! I didn't slip on any ice. There were only a few truly slick spots and those I carefully walked.
Blue skies 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fanciful Musings

Idle hands are the devil's workshop. A restless soul will find herself wandering where she should not be. Fault it on the weather. The need to run an errand out of town. The desire to fill some time. Okay, whatever ... we found ourselves in a motorcycle shop today. Well, um, actually TWO shops.

I think folks have figured out by now that Sam the Ninja is long gone from my life. Sold to finance a crazy assed bicycle (gasp!) ride. Perhaps you noticed her absence these past couple of years.

Today we found ourselves in a shop. Worse, we sat, we touched, we practically molested not one but many bikes. Perhaps ... maybe ... maybe I want another motorbike. I miss the feel of the ride. The weight of the bike, the lean, the wind. The buzz of the engine, the downshift, the revs. Perhaps ... we shall see.
Kari, Kawi and Crocs
Montana Tour
Eastern Oregon

Ready to tour

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

McDonald Forest 5k

Okay, this is from my Facebook post from last Sunday when I actually ran the race. I frittered away the week and didn't write a blog post for posterity, so here 'tis. A cheater cut, paste and edit. More so I can look back and remember than anything else! I hate using Facebook as a journal. Blogger is much better for that.

The run is the McDonald Forest 15k that has a 5k option. I did the 5k. Perhaps next year I'll be ready for the 15!

My first official race with a start and finish and a tee shirt at the end. I even placed 1st in my division, which I’m pretty sure means I was the only one in my division ( I was). Good times and a fun run with a great group of runners. Thanks to my fellow runners and to Ron for being the photographer and cheer team for the day.

Dave from the bike store



Yours Truly

My prize for placing first in division (1 of 1). :) Mac Socks - Yay!

And the tee shirt

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

River and Lake Run

Kind of an easy run along the Santiam River and return along Cheadle Lake Trail. If I'm going to do a trail run this weekend, an actual event trail run, I wanted a little mileage, but I didn't want to work too hard. So it was an easy pace with lots of walk breaks ... and photo op breaks.

I so want to chicken out on the event run. Not too anxious yet, but I know it's coming. Anyway back to today's run. Stopped by the diversion dam, one of my regular photo spots. Water is a little lower today than a few days ago.

Diversion Dam

Fish Ladder

I always like this little scene above and it's particular nice this time of year. It's also the turn around point of my very first bicycle ride after I decided to become a "cyclist". You know, the kind with fugly bike clothes and riding an insane amount of miles. I rode it on my Rockhopper with knobbies. Hardest 5 miles ever, but I prevailed.  I always say bike riding is a slippery slope. You start with a little ride around the neighborhood then one day find yourself riding across the continent.

Requisite shoe pic. I guess it's a runner thing

These grapes smelled heavenly
 The general rule is I try to take photos during my walk breaks, but I had just started back running when I came across these:
Amanita Muscara
Had to stop. My first Amanita Muscara (according to Google). I call them happy little mushrooms. Is that a little to Bob Ross for you? I was tickled pink to find them and had to stop for a photo or five. Maybe go back with my good camera and hope they haven't been stomped. There were already a few casualties in that regard and what kid doesn't love a good fungi stomping.


Looking back
 Final image, almost back to the car. All and all, this is a pretty nice loop to run or even walk. It's not that long and while there are a few dull spots, the river and the lake make up for it.
4.5 miles
Cheadle pano

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Solo Ride around the Valley

Sometimes you just have to go out for a ride and remember why you do it. Why you love it. To hell with heartrate and speed and numbers and nonsense. Just ride for the pleasure of riding. Today was one of those times. Well that's not completely true. I still had a computer for distance, and I glanced at my cadence now and then, but no numbers drove me. It felt almost rebellious. I sometimes forget how riding clears the head and chases away the demons. Get that endorphin high.

Velvety green fields

We have a buttload of rain coming for the next week and today was the last, mostly dry, day for sometime to come. It's been a while since I've been on the bike, and even longer since a solo, mind cleansing ride.

bike porn 

Some of the locals

More locals

I opted for music and earbuds. I could hear all the auto traffic, even traffic on nearby roads, and carry on a conversation with others. I could hear myself singing. Not an altogether pleasant sound. Here's a hint. You don't have to blast them at full volume.

If you look close it's a shoe tree

My lunch break. Calapooia River.

Found some sweet gravel to ride. Love me some gravel.

Sweet sweet gravel! 
Sadly only about a mile 

Very peaceful on the roads this time of year. Everything seems calm after the hustle of summer, and before the insanity of the holidays. I'll take it.

29 miles