Monday, July 6, 2020

Exploring Stayton

Went on a little “city walk” in nearby Stayton Oregon. A small town located on the North Santiam River. It’s easy to bypass what I think is the heart of the town, the historic district. The main street goes through the newer commercial area, so unless you turn off of this you miss part of the old downtown area.

 I started at Pioneer Park and meandered through residential streets down to the Catholic Church. I don’t know anything about Stayton’s history, but I wonder if it has a catholic heritage. There are a number of nice Catholic churches here and in the Santiam Canyon area, and out Kingston-Jorden area. 

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

 I popped out onto First Avenue, the main street through town. Found a short path I’ve always wanted to explore. It’s short, but follows the Salem Ditch and is quite pleasant.
Odd little stump

Salem Ditch

Stopped for some photos of the Brown House Events Center. I’ve toured this house on open house day, and it’s fun to go in and have a look around.

Brown House Event Center

I would say Third Avenue was once the main street of the city. There are a few charming businesses there, though some are 2nd hand/collectables type shops you often find in small towns. Many of them looked interesting, but today being Monday, most of them were closed.

Cute little mural

Downtown area

There is a small cinema with a cute marquee

Star Cinema

Not so Shabby - a furniture and home decorating store in a nice old building. At first I thought it might be another church, but when I got close to the building it was actually an elegant old home before repurposing as a business.

Not Too Shabby furniture store

Gardner House Bed and Breakfast, and cafe. Built in 1898 and remodeled in 2008. Quite an interesting building. It would be nice to stop by the cafe when things open up once again.

Gardner House Bed and Breakfast, and Cafe

Interesting lookout 

Before returning to the car I strolled through the park for some photos of Jordan Covered Bridge.
Jordan Bridge in Pioneer Park

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Easy walk
2.43 miles

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Super Sprint Triathlon

So I did a thing this weekend. With most events cancelled this year, our coaching team put together an informal Super Sprint Triathlon this weekend. A super Sprint is half of a sprint, so a 400 yard swim, a 6 mile ride, and a 1.5 mile run. Since my confidence level has been in the basement due to my open water swim issues and really a lot of angst about that damn wetsuit, this was a good opportunity to have something positive happen.

Pre-race briefing

Coach Jon

Coach Jon

Sabrina Lake

I spent the whole day (days?) before dreading it. Questioning why I’m doing it? Do I even like racing anyway??? Well, the water was warm enough that a wetsuit wasn’t necessary - Yay!!! Participants were spread out so I basically had a nice swim all by myself, and it went very well. I was quite pleased.

Yours truly

On the ride I threw caution to the wind and just went as hard as I thought I could and still finish. I did slow down on the return, so perhaps I should have held back just a bit more, but it was fun to just go fast. (Well, fast for me, lol).


Gravel is not usually a feature of triathlon.
Some of the tri-bikes are a little squirrely on gravel. 

For the run I did my usual run/walk combo. It serves me well and keeps my heart rate somewhat under control.


Coach Kristen


me again





Coach Dave

Ron was the photographer. He was quite pleased with himself for capturing a few runners in mid-air (flight-mode?) Not me. My feet are firmly planted on the ground.
Speaking with Coach Dave afterwords, he said that back in the day, that often athletes got together and did these kind of informal races for practice and for fun. I had a lot of fun with this one. Didn’t have the pressure of an “event” and we could goes as hard or slow as we wanted.

It would be fun to do this again!