Sunday, November 22, 2020

Riding everyday in November Week 3

Nov. 16
2 Dam Bad - not really 😁 Another short ride. (Do you see a trend?) This one turned out better than expected. I usually ride this road in spring or summer when recreational traffic is crazy busy. Today there was practically no traffic and it was so peaceful. Foster Dam in Sweet Home to Green Peter Dam.

Foster Reservoir

#1 Foster Dam
Quartzville Road

#2 Green Peter Dam
Middle Santiam River

Green Peter Reservoir

In the fall they lower the water levels in the reservoir. This is  where I swim for triathlon in the summer. 

Lewis Creek swim area, Foster Reservoir

Ha! there is a creek under the reservoir
Lewis Creek proper I suppose

Last of the fall colors

Nov. 17
Didn’t get quite 5 miles today, but then I also didn’t get wet so there’s that.

Christmas Tree Farm #2
Seems like cemeteries
should be in black and white. 

Nov. 18
Did I get rained on today? Yep.
Did I smile? Yep! About 15 miles.

Nov. 19
Five miles recovery ride. No bike porn today. Just a little holly tree growing out of a post.

Nov. 20
Got home late. When I was in town I’d go out at night, but I’m afraid to ride out on these rural roads after dark. I don’t typically count trainer rides, but I did a trainer ride for a half hour or so to at least get something in.

Nov. 21
A minimal mileage day. Squeezed a short ride in while decorating for Christmas. Yes Christmas. I’m generally a “bah humbug” kind of girl, but this being the year of Covid we decided to decorate early and go big (well, big for us) so families can enjoy the lights as they drive by. Clark Griswold need not worry. We won’t be taking down the grid this year. And speaking of the grid, here’s a nice, moody pylon in the mist for ya! Your welcome.

Nothing to see here. Move along.
Move along.
Not taking out the grid this year.
Not sure what happened here, but
The house lights are white, not orange,
and my red porch light didn't come on. 

Nov. 22
Little neighborhood ride past Christmas tree farm #2. Wish they were harvesting by helicopter, but so far haven’t seen any this year. I’m 18 out of 22 for rides so far this year.

This challenge is a good way to push myself to go outside even when the weather isn't so great, or when I'm tired and would just rather blow off a ride. It's motivational in that way. A downside is that rather than doing 2 or 3 good workout rides I end up doing short little nothing rides. I end up getting less of a workout and pilfer away my time just cruising around doing easy rides. Well, one more week basically and I can return to my regular schedule of workouts.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Riding Everyday in November • Week 2

Riding Everyday in November

So here's some of my rides for the 2nd week of riding everyday in November. 
And a little note on blogspot. I've debated continuing with Blogspot. I still like blogging. Like the format and the layout  so much better than facebook, and without all the Facebook garbage. But blogging from my phone is tedious at best, and getting all the elements, video, photo, and text all onto my computer is time consuming. Blogspot has it's own issues as well. It seems like facebook makes it so easy to share, video, photo and text and Blogspot tries to make it more difficult than it should be. Partly my own fault trying to blog from a phone. 

‘Tis the season of Christmas tree harvesting. 🎄
A side note: In this year of COVID-19 many people are decorating early for Christmas. Trying to add some joy in this dismal year. 
6-9 #ridingeverydayinNovember

Looking up the hill at the summit. The real summit.
I’m standing on the false summit that breaks your heart. 😈
Harvesting Christmas Trees

• • •

Morning swim then a little ride. The swim was not in the lake.😄

Cheadle Lake

• • •

Short ride today. I was supposed to run today, but I jammed my foot into a piece of furniture, so running might not happen for a while. Felt ok to ride though, so that’s good. 😊 

• • •

Thar’s fire in them thar hills! It’s hard to see but there are slash piles burning up in the foothills around Lacomb. It can be a frightening sight after dark if the fires are really glowing. Most of the time all we see is some smoke. It’s a controlled burn, so no worries. 

• • •

A tree died in Lacomb. It left an ugly trunk. A local chainsaw artist turned it into something beautiful and fun. There are little animals and objects carved on every side. 

• • •

Saturday is usually a long ride day, but today was raining and windy, so I went a did intervals and Ron rode along with me. We stopped for one photo only. A covered bridge. Classic!

Larwood Covered Bridge
Scio, Oregon

• • •

A short recovery ride out to the big water wheel. I think they lock it up in winter as it only spins during summer. It’s a cool wheel in a humble setting. Not a pond or stream, but simply in an irrigation ditch. 

• • •

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Harris Road Gravel Ride

Weekend Wanderings

Saturday, Nov. 7
On Saturday Ron and I joined a group of friends to do our usual Saturday bicycle ride. Weather was looking a bit iffy, and the air was down right cold. It was spitting rain at the start. Some of us opted for rain jackets, others decided to take a chance they wouldn't need theirs. I brought one along, but didn't wear it for the first part of the ride. I did put it on later when the rain picked up. Overall it was a nice ride. A little cold, and a little wet, but mostly nice. The fall colors were really nice. 

Helmick State Park
A little bit of bike porn...

Thar be Dragons

Sunday, Nov. 9
On Sunday we wanted a short, easy gravel ride and that is what we found. Harris Road outside of Corvallis. This is a great route if you’re looking for something relatively easy without the crazy climbing so often found on gravel rides. 

The ride starts out on pavement but soon turns to gravel. Perfect gravel. The kind of gravel I love. Not too thick, nor loose. A little bit damp and tacky. I had 36mm tires, but you could easily go narrower. Ron had his mountain bike with wide tires. 

Harris Road going under highway 20
Pavement ends! 

Harris Bridge, 1936
sweet perfect gravel

Light through the leaves
Castle house

I love this cool castle house. Ron spoke with the woman who lives there. Her husband did all the design work. A hobby that he loves. Fun things outside the house too. 

Right now there is plenty of great color in the trees. I did a lot of stopping for photos, so it was definitely a dawdler Ride. 

There are options to make this a longer ride, and I think it’s part of the Corvallis to Coast route. We only saw three cars the whole ride.