Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hidden and Golden Valleys Cycling

Second ride this week, after a hiatus from riding. I thought I would be hurting, but it wasn’t too bad. I don’t know if it’s the running, but I was able to keep my heart rate somewhat in check on the climbs. This doesn’t normally happen.

Only three of us today, Jim, Al, and I. We rode Hidden Valley the easy way, Golden Valley, then out toward McDowell Creek and back. 30 miles. 1500 ft elev. gain.

Grey skies until the blue breaks out 

Al and Jim
Blueberry fields - so pretty this time of year.
Al has blue tires! I want blue tires!! Well, I want purple tires, but can’t seem to find them in a road bike tire. Why the hell do bmx and fixie riders get to have all the fun colors
I want blue tires!
The blue tires would look sharp on Kari’s future bike (well, the bike of choice for this week anyway).
Specialized Ruby. Photo from the ellacyclingtips

Monday, October 3, 2016

Feed issues

Apologies if I flood your feed. with a bunch of old posts My blog was turned off for a while, and some older posts might pop up on the feeds. Sorry, just ignore and carry on. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Vineyard Mountain Group Run

Today's group trail run down Vineyard Mtn. trail in Mac Forest. Great group to run with! Thanks Robert for a nice run today! 3.27 miles

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hike to Blue Pool

Today's first: Blue Pool. Hiked down from Sahalie Falls to Blue Pool and back. About 8 miles I think. Have yet to find a truly faithful GPS app. Nice hike. Lots of Mtn bikers. Makes me almost want to bike it. Too tired to process more pics tonight. And the weird expression on my face? A discussion on whether the camera really had us in the frame. Ron was moving no closer to the edge!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

First Trail Run Class

With my Saturday trail running group. My first time running with a group. Great morning! Pics are from my instructor and fellow runners.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mary’s Peak North Ridge Trail

Rainy. Drippy. Preliminary data had this route at 7 to 9 miles, 1900-2200 ft gain. We got just over 10 miles and 1949 elev. gain. We’ll be sticking with our mileage.

This was my first time hiking this trail, and we all liked it better than Henline Mountain. The scenery was prettier, and the trail was in nicer condition. It was misty, drippy, rainy all the way up. At the top we added wind as well. No views, and no point in going beyond the parking lot to the true summit. We hiked back down under the trees to get out of the wind while we had lunch, then a nice brisk descent back to the car.


The summit.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Henline Mountain

I am going to die. Today we did Henline Mountain. 4.8 miles, 2240 elevation gain. By Nanci’s numbers it was 6 miles. It was painful. And it’s not even half of what we have to do on South Sister. South Sister. It's gonna kill me.

I bonked on the way up and had to eat and take a pretty big break before we continued. Felt okay afterwords though, so think I just need to eat better.

My arms and shoulders were really fatigued using the poles. I didn’t use them on the way down, and I didn’t miss them. Other than when I bonked, my legs had probably their best day hiking ever. My knees and quads never felt bad. My ankles and feet got a workout on the stones, but even they, though tired, are fine. Wore my NB shoes.

We had lunch at the site of the old lookout. We didn't hike on up to the true summit.

Ron really suffered on the way down. His legs got very rubbery and his knees were suffering. He kept at it slowly and with breaks. Nanci suggested some knee braces for added support.

My garmin recorded part of the route and gave me a max 38% grade. I don’t know if it’s a true grade or a blip in the signal. Be nice to know the grades.

It was a near perfect day for the hike. The sun got hot in the afternoon, but for the most part we were in deep shade.

Ron crossing a rocky section. There were a number of these.
Kari, Ron, and Nanci at a viewpoint 
Dappled light on the trail 

What is Nanci taking a photo of?
Balloons! Didn't expect these. 

Mt. Jefferson 
at the top (Look out) 
Our "summit" for the day.