Monday, June 29, 2015

Togwotee Lodge to Grand Teton National Park

June 29
We started with 9 miles of downhill. How sweet is that? A short day, we arrived at the park and Coulter Bay Village early in the day. Ron and I went for an afternoon hike, Sam and Laura rode over to Jackson Lake Lodge, and Roger and May hung out in the village catching up on blog and photography chores. We all got back together for an evening meal in the restaurant, then drove over to Jackson Lake Lodge to have a look around. Lodging this night was in a 100 year old log cabin with two huge rooms.
Entering Grand Teton National Park
An early view from the road 
The marina behind the visitor center at Colter Bay 
Nice view of The Tetons from our hike 
More wildflowers
Wildflowers and The Tetons

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dubois to Togwotee Lodge

June 28

Per Google maps, this was our climb today:
30 mile climb to the pass
2815 elevation gain
197 ft down - which had to be reclimbed ya know.
6939 elev to 9577 elev.

This was going to be a 50 mile day. Only the first 30 mattered. They were up hill all the way to the top of Togwotee pass. We met another rider, Lee, who rode with us, and we carried his stuff over the pass so he could ride unloaded. Everyone rode at a pace they were comfortable with. Ron was feeling poorly at the start, but felt better after about 8 miles. It was a long slog, but the views were beautiful.

Tonight we are staying at Togwotee Lodge, in a nice cabin. This was the best choice for lodging as nothing suitable could be found closer to Moran Jct. A difficult but good day of riding.  

Total mileage 39 miles
Tomorrow we will finish the descent to Moran jct. and stay in Grand Tetons Natl. Park. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015


June 27

A big push to get all the way to Dubois. 75 miles, mostly uphill. Due to a possibility of hot and windy weather we left by 6 am. Fortune smiled upon us and we had minimal wind or a tailwind for part of the ride, It really wasn’t too bad, though by the end it was hot and we were tired and ready to be off the bikes. 

The scenery along this route is gorgeous. Rugged and remote with craggy canyons and wonderful colors of dirt and rocks. We also met a lot of other touring cyclists this day, some from the west and others from the east. 

We made it to Dubois and promptly found a place to eat. Dubois is a little frontier type town. Touristy, but fun. This evening the clouds are building and perhaps  we’ll have a thunderstorm. 
Ron and Roger
Antelope that came walking towards us 
Big views

Red rock canyons and Wind River

Dubois Wyoming

Friday, June 26, 2015

Jeffrey City to Lander

June 25 - Thursday
Pretty scenery today, and a sweet down hill run.

We've been off the grid and in the dead zone. No wifi. No cell. 
We were worried about our stay in Jeffrey city. We didn't have a good place to stay, but we found a great place for bicycle tourists at the local Baptist church. They have their basement set up for cyclists with a kitchen, shower, bathroom, a large gym and some individual rooms where you can lay out your sleeping bag. We were very pleased to find this place to stay.

The next morning we left in a whirlwind of packing up the car, and getting the bikes on the road before the mosquitos ate us alive. They were with us for miles, waiting for us to slow down just enough to let them land. Heaven help the rider who actually stopped (Laura​). We took a break at Sweetwater Junction where we ate our snacks in the rest room facility to escape the mosquitos. Shortly after this we were headed down a 5 mile descent. Here we finally seemed to leave the worst of the mosquitos behind. 

We had some road construction to get through, but it was easily ridden. Roger had a flat just as we cleared the worst of the construction. A few more miles and we were in Lander, WY. 
62 miles

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Riverside to Rawlins

June 23 - Tuesday

Today was a little longer ride. I’m enjoying the expansive, remote scenery of Wyoming. We had a few bumps to climb over today, but nothing too steep or long. We also had a good shoulder most of the way, always a plus. Second breakfast was 22 miles down the road in Saratoga. It was a beautiful morning and we had breakfast outside on the patio overlooking the North Platte River. It was a great start to the morning. 

Leaving Saratoga we had 12 miles of road construction. There was some freshly paved sections as well as some grooved sections. The grooved portions were much fun, but they were rideable. Traffic and construction crews treated us well and we got through with no problems.  

We were on this road for a good distance. Passed three other trans-am riders all heading east. Two were friends of Jenny’s. Today we also rode on the interstate for 12 miles. As bad as it sounds, this is actually some pretty decent riding. Noisy, but otherwise we have a huge shoulder to ourselves and traffic never feels too close. Grades are gentler as well. 

At Sinclair we were able to join a frontage road to finish our ride into Rawlins. We rode past the refinery which is interesting to view. We also rode through the town of Sinclair, past a historic motel of which I’ve forgotten the name. We had a strong headwind the rest of the ride into Rawlins. Dinner tonight, believe it or not, will be at a local Thai place in downtown Rawlins.

60 miles
Leaving Riverside Campground

Second Breakfast
North Platte River 

Freeway riding 
Sinclair Refinery 

Parco? Motel in Sinclair

Monday, June 22, 2015

Walden to Riverside

Monday - June 22

Today we begin riding in Wyoming. It’s a long way between towns. If it doesn’t get too hot, or too windy it should be interesting riding. I love the rugged remote country. Shoulders were good, so we didn’t have to fight with traffic. 22 miles into our ride we crossed into Wyoming. 

We are staying in a motel/RV park/Campground for the evening. It claims to have wifi, but no one can get hooked up to it, so I will be posting this late. We met Jenny, a trans-am rider heading east. We all had dinner together in the campground with the food we were carrying with us. Good times chatting about bikes, routes and things.

Expansive views 
Ron and Roger
More of those views!
We be in Wyoming.
Kari, Ron, Sam, and Laura. Photo by Roger 
Big valley out in front and down that hill

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kremmling to Walden

Rode 80 miles - a new personal record.
Climb a pass: 9683 ft elevation
Crossed the continental divide … again
Fought a beast of a cross and head wind
That about sums it up. I’m tired, no long post tonight.

 It was a nice ride with some great views. We stopped for 2nd breakfast early in the day, then ate from our bags the rest of the day. I only had 79.2 miles on my bike when we pulled into the hotel, so I had to ride around the street for a bit to get 80. I just couldn't be happy with 79.2 :)

Great day of riding, though I'm exhausted.
Note: I'll ad the summit pic once I get a copy from Roger

Heading out of Kremmling
Long, long train - Woo Woo!

A little canyon we rode through.
Scenery was pretty here. 

My only pic of the Colorado river, and it was by accident. 
Laura and Roger 

80 miles a personal best :)