Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

My apologies to anyone who might be offended by the irreverence shown to the holiday...but this cracked me up!

More nifty-neato projects, videos and ideas to be found at
 I gotta go back and find the white trash motorcycle section. Might find me some really cool do-it-yerself projects!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Valley ride

Thursday Morning
Thursday I rode to work. The morning and evening rides were beautiful. I wish I could have taken pics, but there wasn't time for stopping. This was the brightest day we'd had in a while. Cold, but at least the heavy gloom had  lifted to a degree.

I wake up to fog and cold temps, so I spend the morning cleaning house and taking care of errands. After lunch it's time to ride. The first stop is for gas for Sam, where I have a discussion with the attendant about how crazy, cold-weather riders stay warm (Irondad withstanding) using heated gear. He'd never heard of heated gear, but wished he had something like it when working outside. Tank full and off we go.

I've added a neoprene band that goes around the base of my helmet to help seal out wind and cut down on wind noise. Is it quieter? Maybe, but not quiet enough to ditch the earplugs. I stop along Tangent Drive to put in earplugs and add a balaclava as well. It's so nice to be on the road!
Tangent Drive
 The route goes west of Tangent, past the Oakville Church, where the historic building is decorated  for Christmas, then on to Peoria Road. The plan is to ride towards Albany, but Sam wants a longer ride and so do I. We turn toward Corvallis and head out to Independence Highway.
 Oakville Road
I don't stop for photos, I just enjoy the ride. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, I don't care, I simply want to ride. We cross the river at Independence and head towards Ankeny wildlife Refuge. Traffic is light and the back roads quiet. Mt Jefferson gleams with a bright cover of snow in the afternoon sunlight.
Mt. Jefferson
Where did the time go? I turn Sam towards Jefferson following our commute route home. One last  break at Knox Butte cemetery, the last stop for the afternoon.
Knox Butte Cemetary
Festive touch
  We spotted three other riders out today. Eighty miles, a few stops, and a very nice way to spend the afternoon.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

How did this sneak past me?

Sam passed a milestone recently - 10,010 miles. I missed it by 10 miles. I'm pretty sure that it happened on the commute home in the dark and rain, so my excuse is that I was a bit distracted. It went unoticed until today when I went out to check mileage/gas in case of riding tomorrow, and there it was.
10,000 miles with Sam.
My goal for the year was 12,000 miles total and with the mileage from the Suzuki I've gotten 13,269 so far. A respectable amount for a commuter I think, and who knows, I may get a few more miles before year's end.

I think. I can safely say Sam now has more mileage than some Ninjas will see in a lifetime.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


That would be the description of the first ride after being off the bikes for two and a half weeks, longer for Ron. We went for a ride today. It had to be done or things were gonna get ugly. The Suzuki wasn't sure she wanted to go out. It took some persuasion and a little help from the battery charger to convince her. Sam wasn't sure she wanted to go either, but she took less convincing and started after two tries. Geez girls, I'd think you'd be antsy to get out of the garage. I was able to try my new gloves (thanks Trobairitz, they work well). I didn't use the heated grips for most of the ride and my hands stayed toasty. The new dorky mirrors are still wonderful - what a view! I can see behind me and it isn't just the trunk case. Sam will have to get used to her dorky antennae, cuz they're stayin'.

The ride? It was spectacular, sunshine, pretty clouds, no wind, and most of the sand blown off the road. Perfection in late fall. Ron scrubbed some newness off of his rear tire, and I put a few more miles on mine.

Not many pics. I was afraid to stop somewhere in case the Suzuki decides not to start again. Later I'll find out she has a fouled plug. It's a recurring theme with her, and in the best of old bike/car syndrome, Ron keeps extra plugs around. She'll get a new one tonight.
 One pic as evidence we did ride!
One hot apple cider and a peppermint mocha with white chocolate and whipped cream...scrumptious!