Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fanciful Musings

Idle hands are the devil's workshop. A restless soul will find herself wandering where she should not be. Fault it on the weather. The need to run an errand out of town. The desire to fill some time. Okay, whatever ... we found ourselves in a motorcycle shop today. Well, um, actually TWO shops.

I think folks have figured out by now that Sam the Ninja is long gone from my life. Sold to finance a crazy assed bicycle (gasp!) ride. Perhaps you noticed her absence these past couple of years.

Today we found ourselves in a shop. Worse, we sat, we touched, we practically molested not one but many bikes. Perhaps ... maybe ... maybe I want another motorbike. I miss the feel of the ride. The weight of the bike, the lean, the wind. The buzz of the engine, the downshift, the revs. Perhaps ... we shall see.
Kari, Kawi and Crocs
Montana Tour
Eastern Oregon

Ready to tour

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

McDonald Forest 5k

Okay, this is from my Facebook post from last Sunday when I actually ran the race. I frittered away the week and didn't write a blog post for posterity, so here 'tis. A cheater cut, paste and edit. More so I can look back and remember than anything else! I hate using Facebook as a journal. Blogger is much better for that.

The run is the McDonald Forest 15k that has a 5k option. I did the 5k. Perhaps next year I'll be ready for the 15!

My first official race with a start and finish and a tee shirt at the end. I even placed 1st in my division, which I’m pretty sure means I was the only one in my division ( I was). Good times and a fun run with a great group of runners. Thanks to my fellow runners and to Ron for being the photographer and cheer team for the day.

Dave from the bike store



Yours Truly

My prize for placing first in division (1 of 1). :) Mac Socks - Yay!

And the tee shirt