Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wedding Day

Our daughter came down this weekend for her cousin's wedding. The wedding wasn't until evening, so that left an afternoon of bonding time with our eldest child. Rachel thought a ride would be fun. Her cousin that's getting married gave her her first motorcycle ride, so it seemed an appropriate way to commemorate the day. (Any excuse to ride will do!) We rummaged up enough jackets and helmets to get everyone reasonably geared up. It's a perfect day, warm and sunny with big puffy clouds, and dry roads - what a treat!  We choose some local backroads with  a nice selection of curves, throw in a covered bridge or two, and we have a nice ride for the afternoon.
Our first stop is Hoffman Bridge. Stopping is a must as the bridge is closed for some kind of work. We had to go check it out though.
We back track to Crabtree and head out toward Gilkey Bridge.
After a brief stop for photos we head back to Lebanon. We have a wedding to attend.
This is our nephew, Jason and his fiance, Julie. This is their wedding announcement. Don't you love it!  Yeah, they're bad! Jason and Julie have been friends for a long time. It took Jason some time to figure out that Julie was the one for him. Dude, open your eyes! Jason and Julie both love God, love sports and love spending time outdoors. They had a wedding registry at REI. Now that's the way to start a new life together.

I won't plague you with too many photos from the wedding, but there's a couple that you might enjoy. After the reception everyone gathers outside with sparklers in hand to send Jason and Julie off in style.
There is no Limousine, no hummer, no fancy auto of any sort.
Their chariot of choice...
A Honda Nighthawk.
Is this the way to exit your wedding in style or what!
May God richly bless your lives together, Jason and Julie. 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Flowering Plum

Something soothing to cap off a busy week full of deadlines. I tried to get a nice photo of the plum tree three times this week, but a good photo was elusive. The camera wanted to focus on a subject not of my choosing, and I didn't have time to fuss with it. That's the problem with trying to get a photo or two before rushing off to work. Eventually the camera and I both settle for this one. I have one more sign of spring recorded for posterity. Another sign down...a few more to go.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yaquina Bay Bridge

Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as it will. Refuse to be average or to surrender to the chill of your spiritual environment.
A. W. Tozer

This is an older photo...I had to go look...2004 Ancient! I didn't remember having a digital camera for that long. Oh well, back on topic. Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport. Coincidentally, a bird flew into the frame as I took the photo. I love this angle with the arches soaring up and away, and then the bird soaring along in the sky. There was a whole lot of soaring going on that day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I didn't get the hydrangea trimmed back last fall. I wonder if it will come back this spring. I wouldn't blame it if it wanted to run away to some other garden.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lowering links & how not to lower a bike

My valentines request was to return the Suzi to factory height. We went back to the stock links. I took a couple photos at the start of the process, then got bored. I'm duly impressed with you folks who can document your modifications with great detailed photos and write ups.
Three inch lowering link fair peeking at the chicken strips!
Stock link. Doesn't really look too different to me.

Afterwords I had to see how she rode, so we set off in the rain for a little ride along familiar roads. Handling seems better. The steering feels lighter, and I think the suspension is better over bumps. The angle of the bike has changed and  I can see over the windshield once again. When we lowered the bike we didn't know about adjusting the suspension or the front. It certainly effected the handling. I really don't want to mess with the suspension of any future bikes, if I can avoid it. I can't flat-foot the bike now, but it that's ok.

Today I got a chance to ride the same road again, only this time the pavement was dry. I would say the bike definitely handles better than before. Corners are faster-Cool!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday Bicycle Ride: Chocolate & Riding. Chocolate & Photography. Chocolate & a couple of motorcycles.

 Do you see a theme? On Saturday's bicycle ride we didn't make it out of the parking lot without  our first chocolate of the day. In fact we had two chocolate treats before heading out on the road.
The brave photographer puts herself into precarious situations, risking life and limb for that one special shot. Did I mention we're on the bicycles today? Ok, so not so precarious and life risking. A wheel shot along the Dave Clark bike path. You know what this will lead to...
This week I spotted my first daffodils of the year. These are not them. These are the second sighting of daffodils of the year.  The first were along a road with no shoulder, and no place pull over. Yes I could have gone back with camera in hand, and got the pic, but that would have required a U-turn. Since I need a Costco sized parking lot for U-turns you get a pic of the second daffodil sighting.
Someone had a chain break on the ride. While we waited on the repair I spent the time crawling in a ditch taking pictures of grass and colverts. I like ditches. Maybe it's my history of "ditch-walking" with my dad. Back in my farm days we irrigated our pastures by flooding them from small ditches that ran through the fields. In the evenings we'd go out with shovel in hand, to close up one flood point along the ditch and open up others where the ground was dry. Ditches were little worlds all their own. In my mind they were rivers that ran through enchanted lands. Each bump and high point had a castle or a fort. What can I say, I was kind of a dreamy sort of kid. Anyway, I like ditches. This one had some interesting grasses, culverts, and a nice soft batch of sticky mud. No castles though.
We head back into Albany to our next stop. Chocolate Boutique and Peddler's Boot. 320 6th Ave. in Albany. This cool historic house is chock full of wonderful handcrafts, collectibles and chocolate. What a fun place to visit!
The bent's decide to park in formation.
 The rest of us head inside to purchase a some of this...
One more photo op. Someone left a rainbow down the middle of the road - nice! This won't be my last rainbow this weekend.
Lunch was at Szabos in Albany. We had chicken ceasar salad and finished with cake and ice cream. Chocolate of course!
Ron and I finished the day with a quick trip to Salem to play with more motorcycles. I've sat on these three before. Ron insisted on the camera. I won't look at him.
None fit quite as nice as the ninja. I like the SV, but it would need some modifications for a better fit.
I can't end this blog post with silly motorcycle sitting pictures, so here's one more in black and white. Hopefully it's a nicer ending to the post.
It's 5:45 pm and there is still a little light outside. Days are getting longer - Yay!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fog, Cold, and One Other Rider

I'm beginning to think riding in the rain is better than riding in the fog. At least it's warmer...generally. As long as I can keep my socks dry switching from motorcyclist to employee I'm good. My fingers were freezing this morning. They will be freezing again tomorrow morning. Maybe Wednesday and Thursday they'll just be wet.

One other rider today. On a goldwing maybe? I'm not good at identifying bikes. He waved, I waved. So nice to see another rider out on a foggy morning.
Foggy ride. Ok, it's a cheater pic from another day. But this is how it looked today! Too cold to drag out the camera.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Last week when we visited my Mom's place, Ron was attempting to straighten up my Dad's shop. I helped by photographing the day for posterity. I'm thoughtful that way! The lanterns were just a part of the greater accumulation of stuff stored within the shop. I suppose they were from my parents past elk hunting glory days where they spent several weeks in a far corner of Oregon stalking their trophy, and a goodly supply of elk steak.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Window shopping

We succumbed to the draw of the dealership. This is one downside to rainy weekends. Yes, I now know I can go ride in the rain, but I'm not feeling that great today, so what better way to spend the afternoon than to run up to Salem and play with the lonely bikes in the showroom. Apologies for the stock photos. I can't bring myself to take out the camera in the showroom.
This was my second close look at the BMW f650...or G650...with a 650...or was it an 800...I just call them the single and the twin. This one is the twin. I've been told this bike is everything I"m looking for, nimble and fun, but I'm having a hard time getting excited about it.
We made the mistake of not leaving right then and there. I haven't looked at the CBR 600rr. Well, I've looked at it in passing  (oooh, pretty bike), but I haven't been silly enough to actually sit on one. What do I need with an rr bike anyway? It's half the weight and twice the horse power of my Suzi. I almost crashed right there, standing still on the showroom floor. At least it was carpeted.

Of course they have a great deal on a used one...sigh.
Worry not, we didn't bring it home.
Oh and they had that new BMW S1000rr. oooh pretty bike!
photos from Salem Honda website

Friday, February 5, 2010


That's how many miles I rode this past month. I am so jazzed! Sorry...just some gratuitous back patting.

I rode to work three times this week. I drove the car one day. The day I took the car it rained for five minutes. The days I rode the bike it rained solidly the whole time. The upside? Well, apparently my gear is waterproof. Except the gloves. They have been on the drying rack every evening. Might have to rethink those.

Earlier this week (while in a downpour) I saw another rider. I looked at him (or her) and he looked at me. I think we both had that "wow, another rider out in the rain" expression on our faces, not that we could tell through the shields. A shared moment, brief, then gone.

No pics cuz' it was rainin'. :)

Be safe out there...dry weather is coming! Or so they say.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cabin 13

I spent a day last week at the farm where I grew up. My mom's place now. This is what we call cabin 13. It was a storage shed, then my playhouse when I was a little girl, and later an office for my dad. I guess you could say it's a storage shed again as it's full of rotting junk. I can't go inside because the floor has rotted and fallen through to the ground. Some day soon I think it will be pulled down.