Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I didn't get the hydrangea trimmed back last fall. I wonder if it will come back this spring. I wouldn't blame it if it wanted to run away to some other garden.


  1. They are beautiful arent they Kari!!! Nice photo. Mine were still on the bush when we moved to Alabama in April and I thought they had already bloomed. But in the summer when they bloomed I realized they were just leftovers! So I think yours will be fine! Can't wait to see them in action!

  2. Hi Eve,
    That's good to hear. Hopefully mine will return in season as well. I think they will be prettier in their true color. :)

  3. Kari/blueKat:

    I know nothing about gardening, but we have something that looks like that too. in bloom they are BLUE, but now they look brown just like yours

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  4. You're not alone. I don't know much about gardening either. My Mother in law gives me all kinds of plants, and I usually kill them. :(

    Hydrangeas apparently are hardy plants. Let's hope the blue returns!