Friday, December 16, 2016


Some folks call it Snowmageddon. I call it icemageddon. When it turns cold most places get pretty, fluffy snow. We get ice pellets and frozen fog. Nasty stuff, but it can make for some interesting photo ops.

Yesterday I captured a pic of this little hummingbird that's been hanging out in our yard. I put the feeder out a couple weeks ago when I learned that hummers are here year round, and it wasn't long before this little guy claimed it as his own. He hangs out in the plum tree dutifully guarding his nectar from incoming marauders. There have been a few skirmishes, but a victor always returns. Whether it's the same bird or another, I cannot say.  The ones I've seen all look the same, with very little differentiating markings. Google tells me they are probably Anna's Hummingbird.

Today everything is drippy. It's still cold but obviously above freezing. Shot a few pics in the backyard. These are pretty mundane. I've seen some pretty interesting shots posted on social media. You can find some nice subjects if you're willing to venture farther than the backyard. I wasn't dressed for venturing.

I did finally get dressed for a walk/run and ventured out of the neighborhood. Only about 3 miles. I hurt my back last week, and though it doesn't bother me much during the day, I wasn't sure about running. Also there were all those icy patches. It was good to get out. I did run some and it didn't bother my back - yay! I didn't slip on any ice. There were only a few truly slick spots and those I carefully walked.
Blue skies