Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sweet Home to Whitcomb Creek Park.

Today started with a spectacular sunrise and I was even up to snap the pic. Sorry that it's just my ugly backyard. We don't have good views for sunrise or sunset for that matter.
Lovely start to the day.
Quartzville Road is such a pretty route, though winter is not the prettiest time of year. The bonus is light traffic. We had a few log trucks, but all were courteous. Nothing to complain about, except maybe that the 60 degree weather really didn’t show up today. 

This route has a bit of climbing, but the grades are tolerable.
37.2 miles

1800 ft of climbing

Foster Reservoir
Crossing Foster Dam
Requisite bike porn shot
Green Peter Reservoir
Whitcomb Creek

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mountain Home

Time to Climb! 
Rumor had it that Sweet Home had sunshine. Lebanon was sitting like a sunken rock in pea soup fog. The plan was Mtn. Home, Liberty, Pleasant Valley (another one of the deceptive names - it's a hill), and if there was still anything left in the tank, Berlin Hill.
Pea soup fog. Not very inviting
Near the top of Mtn Home I got the beauty shot. Sun and mist coming through the trees, lighting the road ahead. Al added a little cycling ambiance to the scene. Good stuff. I can't do it justice.
The beauty shot.
A little cycling ambiance
A little more climbing and it was all blue skies and sunshine. The valley was hidden in a blanket of fog. 
Where is the valley? 
On top of Mountain Home
A quick descent and a rolling ride to Art's place to regroup. Tom, Ron and I headed back to Lebanon at this point, having plans for the afternoon - hello Superbowl. 
28 miles, 

1200-1300 ft of climbing - my best guess.