Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hiking Weekend

Two days of hiking in the Portland area. Saturday we visited Tualatin Hills Nature Park. 200 acres in the heart of Beaverton. The weather was decent and it was so nice to be outside and walking!

Sunday we woke to rain. and rain. and more rain. Spent the morning at REI with about a zillion other shoppers. Found me a nice little cap, so it wasn't a wash. I had to get outa there though. Too crowded! Next stop was Road runner sports to replace a pair of my running shoes. My poor old NB's are getting mighty thin in the soles. Not sure why, it's not like I actually run that much!
Stopped for a hamburger for lunch (was good and didn't order the french fries!), then as it was still raining, we popped into downtown Portland to visit yet another Bicycle shop - Western Bike Works. Nice shop. We drooled over the lovely bikes and bought a computer for Olivia, my hybrid.
The weather was looking a little more promising, so we headed toward Tryon Creek State Park. Beautiful Park. I didn't take too many pics, and many of the few I did were blurry. Too dark and to much drizzle, but we had another lovely walk in the woods.

I'm getting anxious to be home. Hopefully in a couple more weeks.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer in May

After two years of La Nina, we are finally having a damn fine spring. These last few days have been spectacular, warm and sunny. And the nice weather seems to be lingering a little longer than usual. Nice!
Saturday Ron and I went for a 20 mile bike ride along some local bike paths. We weren't the only ones out. There were plenty of riders, walkers, runners, kids and doggies all out enjoying the day. A full ride report here.
Small pond along path
Scenic park
After our ride we tracked down (ha!) a local velodrome. We missed the racing that had gone on earlier that day, but managed to talk to a couple of riders and learned a little about the velodrome. Apparently as long as there are no events happening on the track, anyone is free to bring their bike and ride. Looks a little scary to me. I'd like to watch some races some time though.
Alpenrose Velodrome
Sunday afternoon Rachel took us to the Japanese Gardens. Neither Ron or I had been there before. We only did a portion of the garden as Rachel is still easily tired out, but the portion we did see was beautiful and so peaceful. I'd love it on a cool morning before the crowds would show up.
Not a bad way to spend the weekend.