Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer in May

After two years of La Nina, we are finally having a damn fine spring. These last few days have been spectacular, warm and sunny. And the nice weather seems to be lingering a little longer than usual. Nice!
Saturday Ron and I went for a 20 mile bike ride along some local bike paths. We weren't the only ones out. There were plenty of riders, walkers, runners, kids and doggies all out enjoying the day. A full ride report here.
Small pond along path
Scenic park
After our ride we tracked down (ha!) a local velodrome. We missed the racing that had gone on earlier that day, but managed to talk to a couple of riders and learned a little about the velodrome. Apparently as long as there are no events happening on the track, anyone is free to bring their bike and ride. Looks a little scary to me. I'd like to watch some races some time though.
Alpenrose Velodrome
Sunday afternoon Rachel took us to the Japanese Gardens. Neither Ron or I had been there before. We only did a portion of the garden as Rachel is still easily tired out, but the portion we did see was beautiful and so peaceful. I'd love it on a cool morning before the crowds would show up.
Not a bad way to spend the weekend.


  1. Time for a fixed gear bike and head back to the velodrome! I watched some races in the past and they seemed pretty brutal, as in injuries and very competitive riders.

    Nice post and parks.

  2. Beautiful gardens. That would be my perfect work life- working in a Japanese garden. No weekends, holidays or retirement required for me.

    What a beautiful day. All I could say was "mmmmmmm".

  3. Beautiful photos Kari. I am glad you guys were out enjoying this wonderful weather.

    Hugs to you and Ron and I sure hope Rachel is feeling better.

  4. Kari:

    Glad Rachel is doing well and able to get out to enjoy our nice Spring weather.

    that Velodrome scares me, the walls are so "angled". It looks so peaceful and not many people at the Japanese Gardens

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. I, too, love Japanese gardens. Nice.

    There is a velodrome some folks are trying to rehabilitate here in St. Louis. It was built when racing was a bigger deal, fell in disrepair when racing wasn't a bigger deal, and now is getting lots of interest because I guess racing is a bigger deal again.

    It is good to see you on your bike.

  6. Nice to know Rachel is doing well, I visited the Imperial Gardens a few years ago, really beautiful. We had tea late in the afternoon, it was so peaceful. The velodrome is really steep, try it and let us know what happens when you hit the bank