Sunday, January 19, 2014

Superbowl, Seattle Waterfront, and a Medical Update:


Bikey Stuff:
Went for a little ride today, before the game. I headed down town to the waterfront, past the rail yard and made my way over to Ballard Locks. Crossed at the locks making my way through Ballard and back along the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Down town I ran into the ever present ( and always shifting) road block for construction. I had to make a little detour, but traffic was light and the riding wasn't bad at all. Ended up packing the bike down some stairs to get to the waterfront. 

Made about a 15 mile loop.

Seattle waterfront
Space Needle from the waterfront
Puget Sound / Elliot Bay
Along the rail yard
Ballard Locks
Rachel Update:
The transplant is once again on hold. We are fighting an infection. They had to pull her central line as it's most likely the source of the infection. She also now has leukemia blasts in her spinal fluid. This has to be treated separately from her other leukemia, so once the infection is cleared they can will begin another round of chemo for her blood, and also treat the spinal fluid with another type of chemo. When all blasts are gone and she's recovered from the latest chemo she can once again move on to transplant.  And so it goes.