Monday, August 20, 2012

Two-wheeled Weekend - This and That

No epic rides this week. No special scenery. Sometimes it's good just to hang out in the local area. I took Sam for a ride looking for inspiration for a post. Not much inspiration, but it was a nice ride before the hot weather set in for the afternoon.
Local icon: Larwood Bridge
I love the smell of mint in the summer!
Have some more corn, Honey?
Sam is, as of yet, blissfully unaware of the new gas coming to a pump near you. 
Riverview  meeting hall.
Saturday is skinny tire day. We had a pleasant, short ride from Jefferson to Aumsville. We were to early for lunch, so second breakfast I guess.
Smile! The climb is over. 
Recumbents. I had a chance to ride a recumbent (bent). Scariest thing ever!
To round out the weekend nicely, I guess we need some fat tire time. We hauled the bikes to Sisters, Oregon for some sweet central Oregon dirt. Rode some trails. Dodged the climbs. Got lost a couple of times. Good stuff. I love mountain biking in Central Oregon.
Sweet Central Oregon Dirt
Riding Peterson's Ridge Trail system outside of Sisters Oregon

Weekend over, Back to the grind...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

One for Troubadour

 I think I found some kindred spirits for Troubadour. (Apologies for the commercial that precedes)
I was a little worried about some of those low camera angles ;)
katu news report

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ochoco Challenge: Day 7 To Mitchell and Home.

Okay, time to wrap this baby up.
Once again many of us left early to beat the hot weather. We had three big climbs to tackle. The first is the worst, but all of them are tough and it was going to be a scorcher of a day. Some left even before first light.

OchocoChallenge2012 - Day 7
OchocoChallenge2012 - Day 7
Views from the road
OchocoChallenge2012 - Day 7

What can I say...more beautiful scenery and yet more climbing, but I never get tired of it. Well...I get tired of the climbing, but the scenery makes up for it, and the lonely roads. We stopped as needed before the final descent into Mitchell.
OchocoChallenge2012 - Day 7

OchocoChallenge2012 - Day 7

OchocoChallenge2012 - Day 7

OchocoChallenge2012 - Day 7

OchocoChallenge2012 - Day 7
I think this was the view someone had from the house. I could live with that view!
OchocoChallenge2012 - Day 7

We rode about 300 miles and climbed about 15,000' on this tour. We stopped for ice cream somewhere on the way home. We didn't take pics before gobbling it down. That's it.Tour is over. Thanks for coming! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ochoco Challenge Day 6: Nice downhill!

The next morning the folks at Stampede restaurant served us a great breakfast and in preparation for huge appetites they prepared a boatload of food. We have just one short, but steep climb out of Long Creek then we spend the day descending down through Monument, Kimberly and on to Spray. Again, spectacular scenery, a fast descent with twisties. Love riding a bicycle like a motorcycle.
Ochoco12 - Day 6
Morning view
Ochoco12 - Day 6
I wonder where that goes?
Ochoco12 - Day 6
'nother view...yawn
Wade and Dave rode with Ron and I today. Both are much stronger, faster riders than us and we rarely ride together, so It was a treat to share to road with them. Wade has one of the wickedest sense of humors ever. Everyone was taking it easy today, saving up for our big climbs tomorrow.
Ochoco12 - Day 6
The fun stuff - Downhill!
Ochoco12 - Day 6
Still downhill
Ochoco12 - Day 6
Before there were bikes...
Ochoco12 - Day 6
Ochoco12 - Day 6
Ochoco12 - Day 6
Open cab AC, no windows to keep the dust out
Ochoco12 - Day 6
I can't remember if we came up this or were just starting down
We rented a house on the river and it's a beautiful setting. The two bedrooms were given to Roger & May and Dennis & Mary Ellen, as they did the bulk of the tour planning and deserved to get the rooms. The rest of us crashed either in the house on the floor, or out in the yard in tents. I would love to spend a weekend out this little house.

Chuck has had trouble with his truck this week, so he and Rod will head home and take it to the shop. We sort out essential items to be loaded into the one remaining sag vehicle and send Chuck and Rod on their way. Only one more day...
The view from the rental house. Middle fork John Day River.
48 miles
261 total
1020' gain

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ochoco Challenge Day 5: To Long Creek

July 12, 2012
Today we have another challenging climb. It will possibly be our steepest climb of the trip. Again many of us opt to leave at first light to beat the heat. It's twenty miles before we get to the climb, so we want to be there early as possible.
Ochoco12 - Day 5
What's Eastern Oregon without an old house or two...
Ochoco12 - Day 5
Our view as we begin climbing
The climb really isn't too bad. We take breaks as needed and the temps are still tolerable. This is one of my favorite days as we ride through an area of expansive views, empty and remote. Love it. We have some minor ups and downs before rolling into Long Creek just beating the heat. Tonight we take over the local motel, and will deplete the pantry of the local restaurant.
Ochoco12 - Day 5
Love the hills in the background
Ochoco12 - Day 5

Ochoco12 - Day 5
The long, empty road
Ochoco12 - Day 5
Another great view, and  a downhill run - WOOHOO!
Ochoco12 - Day 5
The best, homemade Ice Cream, bar none, is in Long Creek.
Ochoco12 - Day 5
Not sharing!!
Ochoco12 - Day 5
Micalah and her Mom, Tammy, owner of the Stampede Restaurant - Wonderful people!
Dinner is at the Stampede, the local restaurant. This lovely family ran place has fantastic ice cream (practically a requirement for bicyclists). They serve up a wonderful mexican dinner for us, and we nearly eat them out of house and home. Cyclist can be piggies when it comes to dinner.

38 miles
213 Total
1486' gain

Roger's Journal
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Splendor in the grass

I promised a little motorbike porn, so Sam and I went for a little spin this morning. It was nice to be back on the (motor)bike. Well I have been coummuting, but this was different. Just take to the road and go. No plan in mind. Ride 'til ready for lunch then turn toward home.
Local Ride
The wheat is ready for harvest.
Local Ride
and harvesting is happening fast and furious around the valley.
Local Ride
We've replace fog banks...with dust clouds. (dirt-devils to follow).
Local Ride
We used to burn the fields afterwords, but now we build straw towers to the sky.
Local Ride
It was a nice morning for a ride. Sometimes I was cruising along at a whopping 40 mph. I might have hit 60 a time or two. Could say it was a very laid back ride. Is it shameful for a Ninja to cruise at 40 mph? :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ochoco Challenge Day 4: Prairie City to Dunstan Homestead

Only one pass to climb today then glorious descending to the middle John Day River and Dunstan Homestead, our stop for the night. We got started early again to beat the heat. There are several interesting stops up Dixie Pass. The big wagon, and the Sumpter Railroad marker. Turn around and look behind us for a nice farewell view of the Strawberry Mountains. After that it's a smokin' descent to Austin House where lunch and ice cream awaits.
Ochoco12 - Day 4
Strawberry Mountains
Ochoco12 - Day 4
Iconic Stop on Dixie Pass
Kudos to Austin House! Per arrangements they graciously opened on their day off to serve us lunch, even after we dragged the tables across the wood floors (fortunately no damage) and we apoligized profusely. This is a great place to stop when your in the area. The ice cream is Delish! and the people warm and wonderful. They have this beautiful old carved bar that came around Cape Horn back in the day. Funny what you can find out in the remote areas of Oregon.
Ochoco12 - Day 4
Carved bar that came around Cape Horn and ended up here!
We leave the highway and follow the scenic bikeway along the middle fork of the John Day River. Shortly after our turn onto Hwy 7 we stop at an artesian well to fill up on cold, refreshing water flowing profusely from the pipe. Water fights ensued.
Ochoco12 - Day 4
Cooling off at the artesian well
Ochoco12 - Day 4
Water fight! I missed the really good soaking that happened just before this scene. 
Ochoco12 - Day 4
Middle fork John Day River

Ochoco12 - Day 4
Perfect conditions
We have a pleasant, descending ride with a headwind just so it's not too easy. Plenty of cattle guards to cross this day. Glad I finally learned how to ride over them. Again, can't say enough about the quiet roads and the beautiful, rugged scenery. I love every minute of it.
Ochoco12 - Day 5
Dunstan Homestead
We camped at Dunstan Homestead, a part of the Nature Conservancy that is restoring portions of the river/watershed area. In the barn is a cute little apartment with a kitchen, bath, sitting area and sleeping loft.

35 miles
175 total miles
1804' gain
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