Monday, August 6, 2012

Ochoco Challenge Day 5: To Long Creek

July 12, 2012
Today we have another challenging climb. It will possibly be our steepest climb of the trip. Again many of us opt to leave at first light to beat the heat. It's twenty miles before we get to the climb, so we want to be there early as possible.
Ochoco12 - Day 5
What's Eastern Oregon without an old house or two...
Ochoco12 - Day 5
Our view as we begin climbing
The climb really isn't too bad. We take breaks as needed and the temps are still tolerable. This is one of my favorite days as we ride through an area of expansive views, empty and remote. Love it. We have some minor ups and downs before rolling into Long Creek just beating the heat. Tonight we take over the local motel, and will deplete the pantry of the local restaurant.
Ochoco12 - Day 5
Love the hills in the background
Ochoco12 - Day 5

Ochoco12 - Day 5
The long, empty road
Ochoco12 - Day 5
Another great view, and  a downhill run - WOOHOO!
Ochoco12 - Day 5
The best, homemade Ice Cream, bar none, is in Long Creek.
Ochoco12 - Day 5
Not sharing!!
Ochoco12 - Day 5
Micalah and her Mom, Tammy, owner of the Stampede Restaurant - Wonderful people!
Dinner is at the Stampede, the local restaurant. This lovely family ran place has fantastic ice cream (practically a requirement for bicyclists). They serve up a wonderful mexican dinner for us, and we nearly eat them out of house and home. Cyclist can be piggies when it comes to dinner.

38 miles
213 Total
1486' gain

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  1. The vistas are wonderful! It sounds like you tackled the climb without issues. Ice cream is NOT just for cyclists. Hehe

  2. Nice views. I love the photos. I don't know where that old barn is but it looks familiar...

    This really is sounding like a wonderful tour. Great company (and food!), a SAG and modest mileage goals.

  3. You guys are amazing, talking about bicycle riding uphills like it was a piece of cake.

    Glad you enjoyed it an obviously didn't encounter any nasty traffic.

    Isn't it great to find excellent food at the end of a trip? That makes it all worthwhile (ride to eat...).

  4. Great pics Kari. I am really enjoying following along on the trip. I think I need oxygen just reading about the hill climbs.

  5. Beautiful ride. I miss riding. I have to do something about that...

  6. Thanks Keith :)

    I agree Ice cream is not just for cyclists...I exploit any and all excuses in the quest for ice cream. Geez, there's a dove ice cream bar commercial on TV right now!

    Thanks Richard
    the old barn was somewhere on county road 20 :)
    out in the middle of nowhere of course! It was a good trip.

    Yep, good food at the end of the day was great...or the beginning, or middle :)
    I love those little out of the way places - little gems out in the desert. I admire them trying to run a business in such a remote location.

    I carry an enhaler does that count? :)

    Thanks Martha!
    Never hurts to take a little spin around the neighborhood. :)