Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Motorbikes and Pedal bikes, 2-wheels and 3 wheels, What fun!

Any of you who follow Redleg's Rides probably already know that Dom treated my daughter to a ride in Valencia's sidecar. This was a very special treat for her and she had a wonderful time. Big grin on her face when she left the parking lot. Thanks Dom for stopping by and making our day! It means a lot to Rachel and I.

We've moved out of the hospital to an extended stay motel. We need to stay close to the hospital for a couple months until our daughter's health is more stable. This weekend I got in a little bike riding. Boy have I lost a lot of fitness this year! I found a short bike path close to the motel that crosses a major scary intersection. The intersection is literally where two freeways and an arterial road all converge, intwine, meet and repeat. I actually only had to cross the street and it had a crosswalk. One freeway veered away from my location, and the other freeway had a pedestrian bridge the crossed over the top. Not very scenic, but kind of interesting to explore.

Sunday Ron and I had a chance to get away for a couple of hours. So where do we go? Why to the bike store of course!
They have a green bike!
Did you know I'm fond of green?
My belated birthday present...
Properly baptised with Oregon rain on her virgin ride.
For now I mostly ride her on the trainer, but she'll be my little commuter for runs to the the library, grocery store, and the local coffee shop. :)