Sunday, March 27, 2016

Binegar Butte

Exploring an unknown trail is always a treat. It’s that uneasy, where am I feeling of the unknown. Are we trespassing? Do the neighboring hound dogs run loose in these here woods? The cougars? And bears? More importantly, does this road eventually loop back the way we came? I sure hope so, cuz it’s a long way to retrace our steps and there is a big hill in between. 
Which way?
Let's go left
Woodsy carpet and an intriguing trail
Little world at my feet
Approaching storm
Someday I really need to learn the local wildflowers.
Wild Iris 

Yours truly 
Bike sign 
I really hope this goes back to the car!
This was a fun hike. From ugly clear cuts to mossy woods, high power lines and pretty flowers. The rain threatened, but never made good on a soaking. Ended up with blue skies and sunshine. I’m excited to go back again. We saw more roads to explore. Might take the bikes next time. 
Probably about 3.5 miles. Forgot the garmin and started the phone late in the walk, so it's my best guess.