Friday, May 13, 2011

Motorcycle Stuff for Blogger Meltdown Week

And Then There Were None
The daughter child has decided to try her hand at this riding stuff. She was down for a visit this weekend, and dad got the Honda 200 out for her to take a little ride.
Her riding history consists of riding a little minibike around the backyard a few times. She received some brief instructions from three totally unqualified teachers, dad, mom, and little brother. (Team Oregon instructors can rest assured their jobs are safe.) We left it to our son to explain the finer details of controls.
Is that the only brake?
No, that's your front brake, this one here is your rear brake.
It's not as good as the front brake. Actually on this bike, neither brake is very good. Here's the clutch, the shifter...And when you stop, don't forget to put your feet down.I don't think she got out of first.
It's a very short ride, but by the time she was done, she was smiling.
Don't know if we planted a seed or not. I'm thinking she likes it. If she wants to keep it up, off to a real class she goes.
Riders in the family: 4,
Non-riders: none.

In to the 21st Century
Ron has entered the 21st Century. You may have seen this post last year, about our nephew,his new bride and the first class choice of transportation from the reception.
Well, they've decided to sell their bike, and since we can't let such a sentimental bike out of the family and the Suzuki is getting less reliable everyday, Ron bought the Nighthawk.
Ron's new ride '01 Honda Nighthawk 750
The hike we had planned for this weekend, may get vetoed in lieu of a ride.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

ABCD - Centerline

My photo for A Bloggers Centerline Day

I'm not looking for the sympathy vote (sure I am), but I dragged myself out of bed and off of the couch, away from my warm blanket, where I've been huddled fighting a cold, to ride 10 miles out into the country for my centerline pic.
Photograph by Ron Kropf

Larwood Bridge, one of several covered bridges in our area. Next to the bridge is a small park. I grew up in the area, so as a kid I've gone swimming here (locals know there are better spots), rode over the bridge by bicycle and on horseback until we all grew up and gave up horses and bicycles for cars. On a darker note, a murder victim was found here a few years ago. A friend of ours was the one to discover the body. But for the most part it's a beautiful little place often filled in the summer with families out for a picnic and a swim. One last bit of trivia to bore you with, it's one small claim to fame is being the only place where a river  (Roaring River) runs into a creek (Crabtree Creek).