Friday, May 13, 2011

Motorcycle Stuff for Blogger Meltdown Week

And Then There Were None
The daughter child has decided to try her hand at this riding stuff. She was down for a visit this weekend, and dad got the Honda 200 out for her to take a little ride.
Her riding history consists of riding a little minibike around the backyard a few times. She received some brief instructions from three totally unqualified teachers, dad, mom, and little brother. (Team Oregon instructors can rest assured their jobs are safe.) We left it to our son to explain the finer details of controls.
Is that the only brake?
No, that's your front brake, this one here is your rear brake.
It's not as good as the front brake. Actually on this bike, neither brake is very good. Here's the clutch, the shifter...And when you stop, don't forget to put your feet down.I don't think she got out of first.
It's a very short ride, but by the time she was done, she was smiling.
Don't know if we planted a seed or not. I'm thinking she likes it. If she wants to keep it up, off to a real class she goes.
Riders in the family: 4,
Non-riders: none.

In to the 21st Century
Ron has entered the 21st Century. You may have seen this post last year, about our nephew,his new bride and the first class choice of transportation from the reception.
Well, they've decided to sell their bike, and since we can't let such a sentimental bike out of the family and the Suzuki is getting less reliable everyday, Ron bought the Nighthawk.
Ron's new ride '01 Honda Nighthawk 750
The hike we had planned for this weekend, may get vetoed in lieu of a ride.


  1. kari:

    Ron can't weezle of of this so fast. Go for a nice ride with a hiking destination. After the hike, you get to ride home.

    It's nice to have a reliable bike. I remember in Bend last year, with all that oil on the ground, thankful he made it home.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Baby steps, uhm, baby ride for daughter child, and on a classic bike no less. I bet she is loving it.
    And wow, this Nighthawk looks well taken care of, looks like a good decision. So, a warm welcome to the newest member of the family. I hope you get decent weather on the weekend, and can go on a family ride.

  3. That's cool that you're all riders! Congratulations to your daughter! And the same for Ron - what I nice bike! I hope you get to ride a lot this weekend. I know... how about a trip to the new Cabelas?

  4. What a nice classic bike to learn on. And it looks poke Ron needs to start ordering farkles for his new ride. It looks like it's in great shape. Congratulations to all!


  5. Hi Bobskoot,
    Don't think we didn't consider that. We did the hike after all (took the car, parking was in a field). Well worth it. It's a hike we've wanted to do for 3+years and now we've finally done it. :)

    Ron's bike still leaks oil. We never could find out where it came from. Little puddle always on the garage floor. The bike was having a lot of problems on the Bend trip, the power cutting out, and she flat out refused to start the next morning. Had to get a jump start. Lately, he's had to get a jump at work, and it's a new battery. I think he's going to enjoy the new bike.

  6. Hi Sonja,
    She enjoyed her little ride. I don't know if she'll pursue it, but she often rides behind her dad when she comes for a visit. Our nephew takes top care of his stuff. The nighthawk looks brand new. He may regret selling it to us. ;)

  7. Hi Mike,
    We tried to visit Cabela's on opening weekend. Bad, bad idea! We saw the traffic lined up clear out to the freeway ramps and decided we can wait to see it later! Too bad, we're in the market for another tent, but I think I'll just get it at REI.

  8. Hi Richard,
    He's already started wiring it up for his gear - lol :)
    Gotta have that heated jacket!

  9. It's funny how these things go around, my son had shown no interest in motorcycles until last week when he informed me he was going to buy a bike, a Yamaha FZ6, this came out of nowhere. My daughter (she's 14) has already selected her bike, a Lime Green Kawasaki Ninja 250, her preferred color. Since my wife has been saying she's going to get her license we might end up with 4 riders at home too :-)

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  11. Kari:
    You and Ron are brave, teaching your daughter! In our family, teaching another family member always ended in stress and loss of temper by one or other parties. When I was teaching Jennie to drive a car when we were first an item, she objected to my (allegedly) sharp tone, stopped in the middle of the road and made me apologise. She's had total control ever since :-(

    BTW, love your little Honda - must be quite a rarity now!

  12. Welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycling daughter child and welcome to the 21st century Ron. Nice looking bike and small enough you two can swap rides on occasion.

  13. The family that rides together, stays together?? :)

    I'm sure some great family adventures may come about, even if daughter is riding pillion.

    Yes, that Nighthawk is very nice looking all black and sparkly. Great addition.


  14. Dear BlueKat:

    I don't know thar I could teach my daughter how to ride a motorcycle. I don't even know if I could watch. But without a doubt, we can all feel what your kid must have felt on that inaugural ride. It's why we all still do it.

    My daugther lives in Metropolitan Philly... If that phrase can be taken with a grain of salt. She wants to get ride of her car and get a scooter. I am going to get old fast.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  15. Hi George
    Your daughter has good taste! :)
    The Yamaha is a nice choice too. I was like your son. It blew everyone away when I said I wanted to learn to ride. No one was more surprised than Ron.
    Awesome that everyone is getting into riding! :)

  16. Hi Geoff,
    We're not really teaching her. Just enough to let her ride around a bit. If she want's to persue it, she has to take a real class (It's required now in Oregon).

    Teaching someone to drive, yes, that sharp tone will get you into trouble! Actually that applies to many things besides driving lessons! :)

  17. Hi Troubadour,
    I passed up a chance to ride the Nighthawk about a year ago. After Stacy's post about taking riding opportunities, I will surely give it a try one of these times. Thanks

  18. Hi Lori,
    Thanks. I told Ron now he needs to get a black helmet to match!

  19. Hi Jack
    That's so true about that first ride. Life is never the same! :)

    I could never teach our kids to drive. That fell to Ron. I have zero patience and low tolerance. They would have been sorely traumatized!

  20. Atten: Ron, via Kari:

    Looks like Kari gave you the "go-ahead" to purchase some farkles. Of course you need matching gear. Black helmet, new riding jacket, gloves, etc all in black. Then there's the windscreen, can't go on the highway without one, and all that Gerbring heated gear and gloves, heated grips, heatroller. What about the Driving lights ? Saddlebags ? Topcase ?

    they are handsome looking. I used to have a smaller 450 Nighthawk back in the 80's

    Just trying to help

    Riding the Wet Coast

  21. Love the Nighthawk. Sam has pizzaz, however!

    That being said, an aftermarket bigger windscreen would look good on the 'Hawk. How long before I see it in your work parking lot?

    Of course, I won't be spying anymore after being so "busted" last time. Did your boss ever say why he thought a cop would be taking photos of your racy green bike?

  22. Hi Bob,
    Sorry for the very late reply...I've gotten seriously behind on posts (and everything else), and am just now digging out of the hole I'm buried in.

    First thing Ron did was get his wiring on the new bike, and added a windscreen. A windscreen came with it, it just wasn't on at the time. Lately he's been fussing and adjusting, getting things just right. Oddly while he didn't care about how the Suzuki looked (good thing!), he has become a bit particular on farkling the Nighthawk. :)

  23. Hi Dan,
    Sam Thanks you! :)
    The nighthawk came with a windscreen, which Ron installed along with heated gear wiring - his first two additions to the bike. He's been learning that a little windscreen is a far cry from a giant windjammer faring - lol

    Everyone is so anxious for me to ride the new bike. Sam was in the shop this past week (routine maintenance), and Ron kept telling me to take the Nighthawk. I think I'll stick to a ride 'round the neighborhood to start.