Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I knew she was getting close, but I had to go out and check. Nope, not yet. Only 993 miles on the Ninja. Oh well, I'll get the other 7 miles tomorrow. It's cold out, and windy. So I go inside and play on the computer. I watch the news. (It's only 7 miles.) Father and Son have a Father-Son bonding project going on in the driveway. A stereo swap to the boy's new pick up. I can't get the bike out anyway. (But Ron can.)

You know, some things are just to important to wait. One quick loop around Peterson's Butte will do it.
And here it is...1,000 miles. Funny when the car got it's first 1,000 it was depressing.

And to commemorate the occasion. I actually parked her in the street all by myself. Not a bad parking job for hobbling on one foot while pushing the bike backwards, but there she is all alone on the mean streets. It's like leaving your kid alone at the mall for the first time.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Salem City Walk pt. 2

Once we left Bush Park I wasn't sure if we'd find the path or not. It's not marked on any maps, and the hospital in Salem has undergone some renovations, so I didn't know if my information was even current. We strolled past the hospital, and lo and behold found a footbridge just where it was supposed to be. Part of the walk was along Mill St./Pringle parkway, but once we crossed Winter Street the path veered behind a building along side Pringle Creek. 
Pathway along Pringle Creek
Rhododendron or Azalea?
We followed this path along Pringle Creek for several blocks. I knew that it went on into downtown Salem, but we came to an area where the path rejoined the sidewalk, and we couldn't find the next entry point to continue along the creek. Instead we headed south up High Street past older homes, most with historic significance. Eventually we came back to Bush Pasture Park. 
 Pearce House
  Smith-Fry House
Rusty Gate
...and lock
Stone bench built into retaining wall
More photos here

Monday, April 12, 2010

Salem Oregon City Walk

Sunday we went for a city walk in Salem. I found a route here that has intrigued me for some time. We started at Bush Pasture Park on Mission Street.

Pathway in Bush Park
Iron fence along Mission Street

Our first stop was Deepwood Estate.
Someday I want to take a tour of the house.


Lamb's Tongue
I want a walkway like this in my yard.
All day wouldn't have been long enough to explore all the treasures hidden here, so we captured a few highlights with a promise to return again another day, then set off toward Salem's hospital campus in hopes that the next portion of the trail would reveal itself. More to come...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't poke the Ninja

Ok, so it was more like drilling than poking, but what a great way to spend the evening, making holes in the new bike. Here's one...
Kinda puny. Let's make a bigger one!
Now that's a hole!
R and G sliders. Once again I have much admiration for Stacy and others like her who can post detailed photos and instructions on their modifications. I just don't have the patience for documentation. We used the instructions as a guide, but according to information we found online, you don't have to remove the fairing to install these. Of the several types of sliders we looked at the R and G's sounded like the easiest to install, and we liked how they looked.
Puig windscreen
Sorry, I don't have a better pic of the windscreen yet. I added a Puig windscreen to the Ninja. Fugly, but it works. I was taking a beating with the stock windscreen and the wind fairly screamed. I still have wind noise (and a little whistle), but it's at a tolerable level now. I'm hoping that I'll stay a little warmer too, time will tell. I'm still looking for the perfect ear plugs. Apparently I have weird ears.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunshine Come On Back Another Day

"Sunshine come on back another day
I promise you I'll be singing
This old world, she's gonna turn around
Brand new bells'll be ringing"
Lyrics by Jonathon Edwards (Go Away Today)

Seriously. It's time for the sunshine to come back. I hear rain falling again while I type. Fine, it just better be gone tomorrow. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A little bicycle ride

The worst of the storms have abated leaving us with calm showers and faded sunbreaks. I can't remember the last time we rode bicycles. It feels like we missed the whole month of March - legs and lungs are working hard, but we aren't moving very fast. A shower catches up to us along the river then stays with us until we turn back toward town. On our last ride everything still had it's winter coat. Today everything is spring (and spring showers). 
The sun comes out and sets the shadows free
A couple weeks ago we rode by the diversion dam and water levels were as low as I've seen it in summer. Today the river is much higher. 
New pedestrian bridge along old river road. Photograph is a blend of two exposures from one image. I would have lost the sky without blending.
Old house. Are they restoring it, or tearing it down?
I love the stone chimney. 
We stopped by for a treat, but they were closed!!
Is that an accusatory expression?
"You took THAT BIKE for a ride!!!???