Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Salem City Walk pt. 2

Once we left Bush Park I wasn't sure if we'd find the path or not. It's not marked on any maps, and the hospital in Salem has undergone some renovations, so I didn't know if my information was even current. We strolled past the hospital, and lo and behold found a footbridge just where it was supposed to be. Part of the walk was along Mill St./Pringle parkway, but once we crossed Winter Street the path veered behind a building along side Pringle Creek. 
Pathway along Pringle Creek
Rhododendron or Azalea?
We followed this path along Pringle Creek for several blocks. I knew that it went on into downtown Salem, but we came to an area where the path rejoined the sidewalk, and we couldn't find the next entry point to continue along the creek. Instead we headed south up High Street past older homes, most with historic significance. Eventually we came back to Bush Pasture Park. 
 Pearce House
  Smith-Fry House
Rusty Gate
...and lock
Stone bench built into retaining wall
More photos here


  1. You got some great shots and really captured the flavor of the older part of downtown Salem. I like those older neighborhoods with the big houses. Did you ever have the urge to zip through that path on the Ninja? Maybe finish it off through downtown with a wheelie? :)

  2. Kari:

    lots of texture in those shots, especially the last two, and I know how you love Locks

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. I love the gate, lock and bench Kari! Beautiful photos again!
    I see you have your Ninja miles all set! Cool!! I've got some catching up to do but I doubt I will! I keep forgetting to put my mile on. Should have around 500...I'll try to remember to update tomorrow. I'm riding my bike all over is the perfect bike for me and wow getting lots of comments! And it sure does sound good!

  4. Hey Kari - I'm sorry for my comment about the Ninja on the path. Sometimes my sense of humor gets off track (no pun intended). I always enjoy your photography and your thoughts on the perspective of images. BTW, I really like the shot with the rusty gate. I wonder where it leads...

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Mike,
    lol - Everyone keeps thinking I'm going to be doing wheelies now. I have a firm conviction that ALL tires remain on the ground, and all metal parts, never touch the ground!

    I like older homes/architecture. I used to think I wanted an older house to renovate. Got that romantic notion out of my head when I realized how much work it would be! As for a bicyclist I know a bunch of paths that I think would be really fun on the motorcycle! I dare not tell my bicycling friends of such wicked notions :)

    Thanks Bobskoot,
    It was fun discovering all the different things along the walk.

  6. Hi Eve,
    Yeah got the ninja miles running. I love the idea - thanks for it!
    My commute each week totals about 280 miles...makes it easy to pile up mileage. I'm glad you're finally getting some nice weather for riding and photography! I bet it does sound good. Harley's generally do sound great! The ninja....well don't buy one for the's a little like a lawm mower. LOL

    Hi again Mike
    I liked the comment on the path! Like I said...some of those paths are quite tempting :)

    Oh, the rusty gate looked like it lead up to the Smith-Fry house pictured right before it. The stone bench was also part of the same property. They had a lot of interesting things on their property.

  7. I have really enjoyed these last two posts. You did exactly what I love to do. Wander while taking photos of things that interest me. Some of your photos are an invitation to sit and ponder the stories we might insert into them.

    How cool!

    By the way, don't let that hooligan Mike get you into trouble!

  8. Hi Irondad,
    Thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed the posts. I enjoyed exploring this little portion of Salem. Sometimes it's good to slow down and explore on two feet, with a camera of course!

    lol - Yeah gotta watch that Mike and his crazy ideas :)