Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cycling: Albany to Corvallis

Decent day for a ride. Cool and overcast, but no wind or rain, so who can complain. I broke my front fender on some debris strewn across the path. It may be salvageable.  We'll see. Roger had another flat and while we had lunch his bike was across the street at the bike shop getting a new set of tires. :)
Only one photo today. Ace, Jo, David, Steve and Roger.


33.4 miles
13  average
243 gain
21.9 max

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

McDowell Creek Hike

A few pics from yesterday's hike at McDowell Creek Falls. No pics of the falls - who does that!?! Probably a hike of less than two miles all told.






Monday, October 27, 2014

Two Bridges Solo Ride

On Monday I went for a solo ride more or less riding along the South Santiam river. Sodaville to McDowell Creek. Berlin Rd., Bellenger Scale Rd., Mt Hope to Bond Road and Cold Springs Road. Return via Tennessee school and Gore school roads. 45 miles. My longest ride since 2012. My legs hurt!

South Santiam at Bates Park
Yours truly

Pretty Farm
South Santiam near Crabtree

Sunday, October 26, 2014

High Winds and Light the Night

Saturday was our annual Cemetery bicycle ride. A 38 mile ride past 9 or so cemeteries. It was in a word - windy. We cut it short at 25 miles with the wind blowing us every which direction (except perhaps the direction we wanted to go. Debris littered the roads and a lot of places lost power. We ended the day at Cidicci's Pizza. Best descriptive word for the ride: Exhilarating!

Cemetery ride


Saturday evening our family, under the banner of Team Rachel, joined Light the Night 5k fun walk. Our team raised $1750 to fight Leukemia and other blood cancers. Due to the weather the walk was cancelled and participants enjoyed an evening at the convention center with music and demos of indoor kite flying and dancing. Some of our family opted to go for a walk anyway, but we needed to get home early so called it a night.

Pictures of our Light the Night fund raiser to fight blood cancer.
Light the Night

Light the Night

Light the Night
When Rachel first shaved her head after chemo, Ron joined her. It was Christmas day 2012. In her memory he shaved his head again for Light the Night. Neice Tiffany added our Team. :)

Light the Night
Will post our Team pic when it's available.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

One More Perfect Day of Bicycling.

Santiam Spinner's Ride: Head to Shedd. 34 miles. Being that I was late getting up, I met the other riders on the road. Another gorgeous day in the valley. Sunny and No wind. How many more days like this will we get? Spotted a banner in the sky. A big flying O. Go Ducks!

Shedd. Heading out after lunch. The woman in the pale blue jersey just got a Can-am and will be taking her  motorcycle class this next weekend. 

Banner in the sky

Go Ducks!
34 miles
14. 5 average
Sunny, no wind

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finley Wildlife Refuge Hike

Compared to yesterday's wind and rain, today is beautiful. Since I didn't get my Wednesday ride in I decided to go for a hike today. Can't waste these nice fall days. They'll soon be history.

It's hunting season at the refuge. Bicycling on the trails is forbidden as is running/jogging anywhere within the refuge. No dogs allowed either. The reasoning is these activities are too disruptive to wildlife. Apparently shooting the wildlife with noisy guns is not disruptive to wildlife.

BTW I agree with the ban on dogs and bikes. :) Would love to trail run though.

I hiked two loops, Mill Hill loop and Woodpecker Loop, as well as the intertie trail that connects the two. About 4 miles probably. My bicycle computer (Garmin) didn't work well at walking speed and hidden under the trees. It only recorded about 30 minutes/half mile of the hike. I imagine a true gps unit would fare better.

Pretty day. Nice weather. I'm happy.

Beautiful old oak tree.

Grey Creek. It looked a little less like a mud hole in real life.

Mill Hill Trail


This is a little pond in winter.

Woodpecker Loop Panorama (Click for full size). The hill to the left has been burned.
Willamette Valley in background.

Pidgeon Butte in background.



Monday, October 13, 2014

Cycling Row River Trail

A group of us cyclists wanted to ride the Row River Trail. By the time the day rolled around, there were only three of us able to go. It was another great fall day. We have had a fantastic fall this year. I know it's drawing to a close, but I cannot complain.

Ace at the start of the trail. Cool trestle ahead. 

Ace and Jo

On the trail

Dorena Reservoir view from the dam


Yours truly at Currin Covered bridge. You can barely see him, but there is a fellow taking a nap on the bridge. 

I don't know the name of this bridge. Traffic was using it, but obviously it's under renovations.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Strokes and Spokes

Saturday's Ride: Jefferson to Aumsville
No pics. Ron took some pics, but he hasn't posted them yet so... It was a great day for a ride. The weather this fall has been spectacular for outdoor activities. For this ride I was a little tired and not on top of my game. I think it came down to fueling: No breakfast, etc. I've ridden often on no breakfast, but I think it may not be the best plan. :) 31 miles

Sunday: Kayaking on the Willamette.
Steve Snyder was doing a paddle trip from Peoria to Corvallis, so a group of us invited ourselves along:

Leaving Peoria boat ramp

On the Willamette

Lunch Break


Under the bridges - Corvallis

Heading to the landing in Corvallis

Wednesday Wanderers: Albany to Shedd and ride around the valley
Another perfect weather day. NO WIND! Gorgeous sunshine. Beautiful. 39 miles. I still don't have my garmin, so no other ride specs. I kept up so that was good.

Albany to Shedd

Albany to Shedd

Albany to Shedd

Albany to Shedd