Sunday, October 26, 2014

High Winds and Light the Night

Saturday was our annual Cemetery bicycle ride. A 38 mile ride past 9 or so cemeteries. It was in a word - windy. We cut it short at 25 miles with the wind blowing us every which direction (except perhaps the direction we wanted to go. Debris littered the roads and a lot of places lost power. We ended the day at Cidicci's Pizza. Best descriptive word for the ride: Exhilarating!

Cemetery ride


Saturday evening our family, under the banner of Team Rachel, joined Light the Night 5k fun walk. Our team raised $1750 to fight Leukemia and other blood cancers. Due to the weather the walk was cancelled and participants enjoyed an evening at the convention center with music and demos of indoor kite flying and dancing. Some of our family opted to go for a walk anyway, but we needed to get home early so called it a night.

Pictures of our Light the Night fund raiser to fight blood cancer.
Light the Night

Light the Night

Light the Night
When Rachel first shaved her head after chemo, Ron joined her. It was Christmas day 2012. In her memory he shaved his head again for Light the Night. Neice Tiffany added our Team. :)

Light the Night
Will post our Team pic when it's available.



  1. Beautiful. Dear hearts, strong hearts.

  2. Congrats on the fundraiser.

    I can't believe you guys were out in that weather. It was crazy on Saturday.