Sunday, January 10, 2016

Macdonald Forest Gravel Grinder

…and she lay dying in the gravel, rasping out her last breath…

Who’s ideas was it to go ride up in McDonald Forest? Oh yeah, both of us! Road rides were cancelled today. All our roadie friends bailed due to bad weather that never showed up. Ron and I decided to take a little ride in the forest, to glory in it’s gentle beauty, to meditate in the peaceful solitude. Guess all that climbing nonsense just slipped my mind. 
It'll be fun they said...
Left or right? Oh, lets' go left!
Started at the Oak Creek entrance, up the 600, the 680, and return down the 770. We didn’t climb to the peak today. Too much fog to enjoy the view, and theres’s that steep bit - no point in climbing that with the fog and all. A little chilly on the decent, but we kept the speed down, so it was alright. My new gloves are working impressively well considering they’re not heavyweight. 
Don't look back...
Saw a few other riders today
The road to nowhere?
Lunch was at Eats and Treats - a gluten free restaurant in Philomath that was dangerously good. One quick stop at Peak Sports to dispose of some disposable income - or maybe the mortgage. Priorities don't ya know.

When it was all said and done, and we were back in the car warm, still alive, and breathing it was easy to say that it was good and we’ll do it again soon.