Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ride Everyday In November: Wednesday through Sunday

Wednesday’s ride: A Take-it-easy 17 miles out to the ferry and then around past the wildlife refuge. It was a recovery ride after Tuesday's ride - my legs wanted nothing to do with a bicycle. One of my fellow riders  was recovering from some injuries as well, so we kept it simple. More wind and cold today, but still nothing compared to up north.

Ankeny Wildlife Refuge


Buena Vista Ferry landing

Day 13: Only a couple of miles if that. It was about 35F and raining. Checked out a bike path I hadn’t been on for awhile. Tried out some gloves my son gave me last year, against the wet and cold. They’re some wool mitts that I think he picked up at Cabelas. I was certain that they would be cold once wet, but dang if they didn’t keep my hands warm even after they soaked through. Not bad!


Day 14. Before I could even get a ride planned, my mom called. Asked if I wanted to go to lunch. Couldn’t really turn down lunch with Mom, now could I.   So instead I had lunch with Moms and my Aunt, then went for a little spin afterwords, around the neighborhood.


Day 15: Club ride, Jefferson to Independence. 36+ miles. Gorgeous day, but cold and a bit of the north wind. Luckily the return was somewhat south-ish.



Buena Vista Ferry



Day 16: Short ride over to the lake for a few photo ops and to stretch the legs a little. The lake had just a touch of ice on it's surface. Just over 4 miles.

Little bit of ice on top

Cheadle Lake

Gravel grinding

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November Ride Everyday: Days 11 and 12

Monday Nov 10: 

No mileage to speak of, just a quick trip to the store for bird food. I returned home empty handed. The bird was not a happy camper. He is what ...  like, 5 ounces? Pffffft! What's he gonna do?
(Don't worry, Ron brought him dinner, after work.)

Tuesday, Nov 11 - Veterans Day

It’s best not to pass up an opportunity twice when you’re handed two great days for riding. I ignored the blue skies yesterday. I didn’t think I should do so a second time. I headed out with a vague plan to ride around 25-30 miles. I think the destination changed 3 or 4 times before I settled on a route (or at least a general direction to point the bike). Did I mention that decisiveness is not one of my strong points.

WV-cycling-141111 - 01
Rock Hill School
WV-cycling-141111 - 03
Willamette Valley view
WV-cycling-141111 - 07
Lovely ranch outside of Shedd Oregon
Stopped in the little town of Shedd to pick up some more water, because, silly me, why would I have needed to bring a second water bottle if I was only going for a short spin…

Oregon, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain...oh wait, that's Oklahoma!
WV-cycling-141111 - 10
Western Star Grange
WV-cycling-141111 - 11
The Doctor is out and about in Tangent. 
Nice 42.5 mile ride. The last twenty fighting the headwind all the way home. Note to self do not head west when an east wind is predicted. I should know this stuff!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend Recap: Still haven't gotten out on the Kawi

Sunday, Nov 9 - 8 miles

I spent the morning procrastinating while sipping my morning coffee, then spent a little more time waiting for the drizzle that showed up to quit. Per my app, it was supposed to quit in 12 minutes. It took perhaps a few more minutes than that, but did eventually move on out of the area. Today was an easy recreational ride just to get some pics and stretch the legs a bit.

Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 01
Cheadle Lake. Water level is very low. 
Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 02
Artsy path pic
Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 06

Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 08
Easy access to Weirich Drive. Didn't know this was here. Nice! I cleaned up after my animal. 
Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 09
Weirich Drive in full bloom.
Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 22
Yep, another one of the diversion dam.
Cheadle-Lake-Loop-cycling - 23
The artsy shot.

8.15 miles

Saturday, Nov 8 - 24 miles

Saturday was our annual Covered Bridge Ride and Potluck. We broke up into several groups based on mileage with our group riding about 24 miles. It was cold and grey, but no wind or rain showed up, so a pretty decent day over all. Great food afterwords. I'm photographically challenged these days, learning a different camera, so I had a lot of blurry images.
Start Your Engines ...
Zoom, zoom ...


Gilkey Bridge
Shimanek Bridge
Dinner is Served!!
Missed a pic of one bridge, because I was blathering away and not paying attention.


Friday Nov 7 - 11 miles
Short spin around the neighborhood. 11 miles on the fun bike. Sunshine showed up and the wind did not - Yay!

Peterson's Butte


Thursday Nov 6: - 4 miles

Went out for a quick little ride between showers just to count for my ride today. Only about 4 miles.

One pic of the hill I didn't climb. Locals will know her for the short beast that she is.

 One cute, fuzzy, animal pic for the cuteness factor.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Ride everyday: Albany to Lebanon

Wednesday Wanderers:
Today's ride took us from Albany to Lebanon at a nice easy pace. It was nice riding at a pace where I could still carry on a conversation rather than huffing and puffing as I trail along at the back. Nothing spectacular other than nice fall weather: warmish, dry, and no wind. Lunch at Big Town Hero. We were once again chased down by the fastest wiener dog in the west. Little dude has heart - gotta give him that!
Steve and Bill in heavy discussion
Jo with Ace, Roger, May and David in background
Group photo by Ace Johnson: Bill, Jo, Steve, Kari (bluekat) David, May and Roger.
29.57 miles
171 ele. gain
13.9 average
19.1 max.
2:07 time
73.98 November total

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mac Forest Mud Fest

I've taken up the challenge over at Bike Dreams to bicycle every day of November. I've already missed two days (didn't make up my mind to give it a go until Monday night). :)

On with the report ...

Arrived at the parking area to find a herd of down-hillers loading up their bikes, all muddy and happy. I figured what with all the full-suspension bikes they were sporting, I would not be riding the same messy trails. Yeah it's wet, and drippy, but really, I'm staying on the roads. How messy can it be?

Probably not quite as messy as the herd, but still, I was sporting polka-dots before I returned to the car. 
Muddy Me. (I hate my selfies)
It was beautiful and oh so peaceful in the forest. Sometimes foggy, sometimes beautiful views touched with mist. Autumn colors everywhere. This is why I love this forest. Went into the forest feeling anxious and restless, came out at peace with the world.
McDonald Forest



6.87 miles
51.57 time
7.93 average
22.96 max
Trek X-cal

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pardon My Dust...

Apologies for the multiple posts that may be popping up. I've been doing some rearranging and editing. Just ignore the mess. :)